Checking in with a renovation update

wi-sailorgirlDecember 16, 2010

Well, there's hope we might actually finish this renovation someday after all. It's been much longer road than we expected, but I now know that optimistic doesn't begin to describe how we approached this. Delusional would be more appropriate.

We got an original date of November 6 for a finish date on the big stuff from our contractor. On November 10 I asked when he was going to be finished and got really mad when he said we had a ways to go but he thought we were doing good on the schedule. I think that's when I realized it was out of my control and to stop stressing about it.

We're down to the last bits now, I'm happy to say. The skirting on the decking will go on either tomorrow or next week, the vanity is to be installed tomorrow, the toilet is in (YAY! For the first time in more than eight years I live in a house with two toilets and there's no words to describe that kind of joy), and we can move back up to the bedroom as soon as I finish touching up the paint and we mentally work ourselves up to dragging all the stuff back up there.

There are some finishing things that will be awhile yet. The glass enclosure for the shower MIGHT show up before New Year's but it's sort of doubtful. The vanity counter probably will be after the first of the year. We've not even started on the built-ins for the bedroom, but the guy building those would probably rather wait until after Christmas anyway.

God only knows when the painting will be finished. When I decided to take on the majority of painting myself (after seeing the quote for it) I had no idea what I was getting into. I'm thoroughly burned out on it so a lot of things are dragging. I've not even started the staircase and that's goign to be a big project.

Anyway, here's some photos, and if you want more detail, you can check out my latest blog post, which has links to all the previous construction updates I did at the bottom:

The shower:

The deck (railings obviously yet to be installed)

The supports for the gable are up and I love it so much!

All the paneling is up in the hallway. It's been painted since this (we spliced together the old paneling and some new pieces, so the old stuff was painted a light gray and the new stuff is the new darker gray color)

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nice gable. Love the lozenge tile in the shower.
Looks like there is a bear on your deck. :)

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Wow! It looks great. I got tickled at your joy of having two working toilets in the house. I remember that feeling, especially of being able to walk just a few feet at night instead of down a dark hall. lol

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Whoaaaaaa, that is looking really really REALLY nice!!
I absolutely LOVE your blue door. Never saw one shaped like that. It is a fairy tale house. You have done wonderful things with your plans, and I had rather have a contractor take his time to get things RIGHT than one who hurries and covers up a multitude of sins.

About the shower enclosure, I'd just as soon that GLASS objects came after the big Christmas rush, since that might lead to delivery carelessness and some breakage. What a pain that would be.

Ellen, you are doing great. And I know exactly what you mean about having TWO HEADS in your house. I am a convert to having two crappers in every house.

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it's moving right along! I wouldn't want to rush it either - to many things can go wrong.

ummm... is that your bear?

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I love every thing you've chosen, you have great taste. The door is soo charming with the rest of the entrance. I can't wait to see the rest. I love the curved stairs too, will you stain them with a nice acid stain to enhance them?

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Your paneled walls are pretty! I'm anxious to see the completion of your project!

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Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. It was nice to read them today as we're in the midst of a mega-snafu with the vanity (which has been a headache from day one). The door is original to our 73-year-old house and it's always been one of my favorite features. Before we added the gable it was sort of glossed over, even with the bright paint color (imagine what that was like when it was brown or hunter green, the colors I found when I was stripping it).

The front curved stairs are also original. They go down onto a patio (cement with little stones embedded ... I don't know if there's a name for that) so the natural cement color will stay, at least for now.

The paneled walls were also original and something we insisted come back. Of course originally they were a natural cedar-type color, but a previous owner painted them (a good call except I'd like to hunt them down and torture them for not priming them first).

Moccasin, good call on the glass. With the debacle that is the vanity, undoubtedly something really bad could have happened in there today.

Oh and yes, that's one of our resident bears. Actually, Hudson's one of our two Newfoundland dogs.

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I love your story-book house. Your choices in keeping the best features of the older home are perfect. And all those angles and boards that emphasize the unique nature of your alive, you are turning your Cinderella into a true Princess.

There is always light as you near the end of the not get too eager to be done. It might seem a good thing to have it over with, but have you thought what you will really DO if you no longer have a house project?

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I really like what you have done to the shower and the gable over your front door really turned out perfect. Sorry about the vanity troubles. Hope they smooth out soon.

LOL about the bear on the deck.

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Oops, Wi-, I think I wrote somethhing about your blue door over on Euglossa's thread. Drats, there I go getting confused.
Oh me, time to go to bed.

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