Krylon Fusion as primer?

alisonApril 21, 2008

I thought y'all might know the answer to this:

I want to decorate some cheap plastic lawn chairs. I know that Krylon Fusion is recommended for painting plastic, but I'm not wild about the colors available at my hardware store. (I know; I am *so* picky!)

Can use the Krylon Fusion as a base coat, like primer, and then use another color of enamel spray paint on top of that? Possibly even layer colors?

And if I'm using enamel spray paint, do I need to finish it with some sort of top coat, to keep it from rubbing off on people? (Nothing runs a summer party faster than staining everyone's pants!)

Appreciate the advice!

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Talk to the paint department at your home store. You can buy just primer for plastic - it's white. I got some last year and then the paint to cover it. I used paint for plastic but still needed the primer. There are new products out there. Or you could check your home store online or paint company websites for product information.

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Unfortunately the folks at my Lowes don't seem to know. A consultation among four employees yielded only the suggestion to buy several cans and try it out!

Which I may end up doing anyway.

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The Krylon is really glossy. I don't think another paint would stick to it well. It's expensive too. I painted a plastic table with it once and easily could've bought a new table for what I had spent on the paint.

I'd try something different.

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a good wash with vinegar will help any paint adhere to plastic. I have used regular spray paint and not had much chipping....

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Look for Rusteoleum primer for plastic. I have not
tried it yet, but it is suppose to allow the use
of any of their other paints to be used as a
top coat.

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I'm just seeing this thread and perhaps the decission has already been made, but, my experience with Krylon for plastic was not good at all. The stuff started peeling off before one season was over. Of course I didn't use a primer, I don't remember reading anything on the can about using primer. I don't care for the color choices either.

kfainf, thanks for the info on Rusteoleum!


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