Lavender Lass-you'll like this room

EATREALFOODDecember 15, 2012

This is a room from Bealtaine cottage, I think it's so cosy. I thought you would like it.

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EAT- Thanks for thinking of's a wonderful room! The blue walls and the deep window ledge are great and the furniture (and plate rack) are perfect in the space. In a room like this, I can just imagine sitting down with you and our other GW friends, for a lovely cup of tea :)

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Well, you would be sitting down with my tuxedo cat also. Whenever I make a nice breakfast on the weekends such as pancakes, eggs and bacon she jumps right on my chair and peers over the spread. She will not commence eating until the tea is "drawn" properly--what manners !(no I do not give her that food-she eats her "homemade chicken or Turkey stew with veggies and liver/gizzards)But she dreams of pancakes covered in butter I'm sure.

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LOL! Is she dreaming of the pancakes covered in butter or the bacon?

Years ago, I used to have a cat that wanted to sit at the table, too. When I got another kitty for him to play with, he decided that was more fun and ate with him, in the kitchen...but I kind of missed him sitting there, hoping for a plate of his own. They can be so cute :)

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