lucillleApril 11, 2011

Rattan must be 'out' because when I did a search in decorating, it didn't seem to come up with much.

I went into a second hand store and found four rattan barstools for cheap. I'm thinking of painting them, but prior painting of things has often resulted in scraped chipping paint after despite sanding and priming and reading and sweating and praying. Maybe the Paint Gremlin hangs out at my house (although one rousing success was an entertainment center painted white that still looks good if I do say so myself).

And my second challenge is where exactly I'm going to put these in my tiny home.

The few times that I've seen something one-of-a-kind that really appealled and walked away, I've regretted it for years so the bar stools came home with me, all 4 stuffed artfully into the tiny Corolla.

So I have 2 questions:

1) Any tips or techniques for painting rattan so it wont chip or peel and

2) Have any of you bought furniture because you really loved it even when there wasn't much room in the house for it?

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I went and bought rustoleum paint, it looks like it can be used on other stuff besides metal. I think they are going to be beautiful.

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It is your term that is outdated. Search using the term "wicker" and you'll find plenty.

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Should work out great, I've painted it before with Rustoleum & works well.(seems like paint formulas change fast now- a- days tho. Do you have a high counter to put them up to if not a round table that is high(people who collect Coke stuff can get tables & high chairs so you might look at them & then make your own "high table" Bro. had that & jukebox & old poolroom type games. it was great fun until he moved away, wonder if he has a game room now, forgot to ask him. Have fun with them.

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I'm always buying stuff that I have no room for!
Post pics of your bar stools when you are done.

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