styrofoam to hypertufa?

fuddyduddyApril 9, 2006

On a segment of Smart Gardening, or I believe it was Smart Gardening, I saw a man with styrofoam "fish containers", turn them into hypertufa-looking flower containers.

Because the phone rang after only a few minutes, I got just the first few minutes of the segment, he took water, and sprayed the foam, used a wire brush to rough up the exterior to look like cement, and then of course, the phone rang. Well, I don't know what else he did, and further, what paints he used to spray on the exterior of the containers, I know some eat away the foam, Krylon I think is alright for styrofoam.

Could someone furnish me with some information about this craft, I have a couple containers that I could smarten up for the coming season, and as I have the time now to do this, would like to proceed. Thanks to anyone for any information they may provide, this is fun!

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Why not just make hypertufa instead of fake hypertufa?
There's a whole section over at the Garden Web dedicated to tufa.
I've made several and there not that hard.

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