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candicorneApril 22, 2006

I have a lot of neat old silverware and want to make some chimes, jewelry, etc. I just don't know how to do it. I can't seem to drill a hole in it and it is almost impossible to bend. I know there has to be some special hints. I did try spray painting it clear or Silver and that helps it not to tarnish and looks pretty good.

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You should be able to drill into silver very easily. Do you have a drill bit for metal? I put mine into a bench vice that way they don't move around and I don't need 3 hands!

Also, I find it's quite easy to bend if you use the bench vise. I even bend the tines sometimes. I pound them all flat first, makes it a lot easier that way. Helps if you put the piece inside a towel, then hammer on a sturdy, heavy surface, so it won't bounce.

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Your problem probably is that what you have isn't silver, it's stainless steel. It's a lot harder to drill through and it won't tarnish or rust or anything like that if you put it outside.

I made a few chimes with silverware and I used wire that I wrapped around the top and then made a loop at the end and put the fishing line through that to hang it by. It works!


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follow the instuctions given use a vise a good metal bit and a few drops of oil BUT stainless is going to be rough to drill.
I used old silver and enamel pcs. for door and drawer handles in my kitchen and a friend made me a towel bar/hooks from old forks screwed to a large spoon . keep trying Rick

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I had a windchime once that the person had just used a saw and made grooves on each side of the cutlery and used fishing line to wrap around it, it was a great thrift store score that I took apart and added blue beads to for pop! If I get busy and make one I might do it that way. They also bent the tines to look crinkly/zigzagish.

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This is a good place to find how to make things from other things. : )

Here is a link that might be useful: Making windchimes from silverware

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Not to hijack this topic, but..... I have numerous sets of old silverware. I pick them up at yard sales. How do you tell what they are made of? Most of mine have sat for about 2 years in a leaky shed and are covered in rust. I guess what I'm asking is, if they are rusting are those easier to bend? The one and only time I tried to bend fork tines, it was almost impossible.
TIA, Sheree

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Over on the Kitchen Table forum,Stoneybaloney makes the most incredible personalized chimes I've ever seen. Why don't you ask her for some hints and instructions?

She made this for me when our furbaby died and she added
PeeWee's name in beads.

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