glass into spaces of chain link fence?

merrybookwyrmApril 9, 2010

I know nothing about stained glass, other than that it is beautiful. If if was possible to attach diamond shapes of colored glass into selected diamond spaces in a chain link fence, that might be very pretty, especially if the chain link fence were painted dark brown, dark green, or black.

Is there a specifice type of glass that would be best? How would these glass pieces be suspended? Thank you.

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What a fantastic idea. Let me give this some thought and come back to this topic.

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Just an off the top of my head suggestion. Drill small holes into the diamond shaped glass and maybe suspend it with a thin wire?

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So far I have come up with two methods: 1) mattie's suggestion of drilling small holes in the glass, and 2) wire-wrapping the glass as though you were making a piece of jewelry. I happen to have a black chain link fence in the back yard and I'm going to do this. I will take pics.

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lol. I'll wait with bated breath. We're getting a chain link gate to attach to the wood fence... unless the dh flip-flops and we put another wood gate in... However, there's no ready-made black gates that I've found in my area, and it seems it has got to weather for a time before it can be painted. Assuming I don't just try this with the plain fence!

Found this link, yesterday, think this is called a lace fence, by a Dutch firm...

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hi - I just found this website today and your thread made me want to join! What an interesting idea! If you drill a hole in the top of the "diamond" (with a Dremel tool & diamond head) the glass would be free to move in the breeze. That idea makes me want a chain link fence!!! :)

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That's a really cool idea. Hurry Silva! I won't be able to rest until I see what you came up with! MERRY...The pic you posted of the Laced Fence was awesome! Do you know what the lace pattern material was? Do you still have the website? I'd REALLY like to try that!


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Try this website. If you click on the lace fence picture, it tells you the fence is made of "metal fabric" and "coated steel wire", whatever that means. IF I've the story straight, then this is a flat wire sculpture that was attached to regular chain link fencing, then the whole panel, sculpture and chain link together, treated as a chain link fence and mounted into chain link fence posts. It seems that this may be a 'coming thing' in European design. Don't know who thought of it first.

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I think part of the chain link was cut away, maybe once the coated wire sculpture was mounted. What an interesting web site. I also like the idea of attaching glass to a chain link fence.

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would solder any other stained glass piece. That would probably be the most secure but the most timeconsuming too. If you went that route, I'd recommend practicing on a small sample first to see how doable it would be.

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hurry up - Silavamae can hardly wait to see it....sounds absolutely beautiful. I think a gate would be about as big a project that I would tackle. Sounds awesome.

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ME TOO! I'm dying to see it!!


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Wrapping with copper foil and soldering a loop on the top would work but take much time. It may look too heavy. I am looking forward to seeing it. Wind will make it shimmer.

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Okay, I found a post of a wood trellis with pieces of mirror in the openings, but I didn't bookmark it, so Ican't give you the website or forum, but it was really cool, it was circles of mirror, glued together and fastened in the diamond shaped holes of the trellis. so there was movement, and glimmer and you could even use colored mirror for color, glimmer and movement.

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That sounds like someting CALAM, KLINGER and I made on a trip to Puerto Vallarta a few years back. We had diamond shaped mirrors and put fishing line between two shapes, making a long string of bling to hang in trees in our back yards. Mine is still hanging. These could be made w/just one diamond or mirror shape, fishing line between them, and then tie to the fence. It w/be very time consuming, but w/look great. Large beads could be added too.

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