mystery item

sistersunnieApril 14, 2007

Rescued from the dump. Wooden, about 12 inches tall. The round base is about 6 inches in diameter. The hooks at the top and the one screw/nail in the bottom is rusty and old looking. The wood seems hand turned. What do you supposed it is? I dont know and havent decided what to do with it either, maybe a rack to hang jewelery, teatowels, christmas ornaments or dry herbs/flowers on?

Chime in Please!

Here is a link that might be useful: mystery item

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My friend has something that looks similar to that and it holds her fireplace tools.

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My first thought was a necklace holder. If you have a little girl, a coat tree for her Barbies, if it won't scratch her. Or, maybe you can get some Barbie size hangers and clothes to hang from it and display it in your bathroom or your laundry room.

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my Mom had one of those and it held long handled stainless steel measuring spoons. When they came to me, she had gotten rid of the rack, so I just hung the spoons on the inside of the cabinet door. I smile everytime I use them!!

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Yep, I used to have one of those. It came with my measuring spoons too. I got rid of it because I didn't have much counter space.

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Yelp jaybird has it right, I had one with the measuring spoons but got rid of it and kept the spoons.

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looks like it is one of those things that hold rubber stamps.

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