wnlbutterflyApril 2, 2006

At our new home, there is an old fashioned clothesline. You know, the old "T" style. I have pondered trying to remove them (they are in a very odd place), but I have a feeling that would be very difficult. So wondering if there was any good suggestions for turning this from an eyesore into something unique. My DD mentioned a "hanging garden" but I just can't quite see that in my mind yet...


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I painted mine purple and put railroad insulators along the top.

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do a search on Garden Junk site...they had a long thread there quite a few months ago.

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kinda funny ,I just put a set in my backyard today that I scrounged from neighbors last yr.
they are for a blackberry patch I will re string the wire
and use for a trellis it is about 50ft. long.
I have 3 sets one is a clothesline that we use. but I planted a climbing rose on each pole and drove a spike in the ground and ran wire from the T to the spike and tie the roses to, it looks good. I have also seen many of these used by just moving one one pole and setting about 8ft. from the other and using for a swing porch swing set up.
remember they alway make very sturdy trellis supports all you need is to plant something. Rick

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I didn't know clotheslines were old fashioned! LOL I know not a lot of people still use them but it seems everyone has one where I live. I use mine a lot in the summer months, especially for the bedding! Gotta love fresh sheets dried in the sun and spring air!:)

Most of the time when I read posts about clotheslines on the Garden Junk forum, they say to paint the poles some funky color and grow vines up them. It makes a difference!

I have things hanging on my poles like this wooden hanging basket that holds a pot that I plant flowers in every year, a windchime, a windspinner...that type of thing. It just makes the clothesline look like more than just a clothesline. I also planted a clematis that I got later in the year for half price on one side but we'll see how it does when it warms up more!


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Hmmm, I use mine!!
For clothes in the summer. Why not use them to hang your sheets on in the summer.
Karen L

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My Mom planted a trumpet vine on hers. Today, the trumpet vine looks like a tree...absolutely beautiful!'s grown up and around the "tree" end of the clothes line...

I also made a "T" for my yard and have planted a wisteria on mine...

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I like to grow gourds on mine. The metal/set in concrete ones are one of the few things sturdy enough to handle them (I once had gourds pull down a wooden clothesline pole!)
I like to grow luffa gourds, I have had tons of people stop and ask what those beautiful flowers were,LOL. They make pretty lemon yellow flowers daily and grow FAST.

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