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lindatApril 29, 2006

We brought home a stack of books from my mother in laws estate. these are not nice, old books, just a stack of books. They are not in bad shape, just not what the library wants/ So what can we do with boohs, besides read them, naturally.

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I sure wished I had it to show off but the obvious one is
a lamp these were once arts and crafts projects .
and I owned one that was gma,s made with leather bound boks witha leather shade old brass very cool was about my fav. pc of junk it was taken from me R.I.P. .
a lamp is easy to make a drill a lamp kit, decopage material to glue up the pgs. a cool shade.
I actually considered making a garden bench from them once.
using outdoor glue and poly and lg. bolts . would have worked!!!!

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I was going to suggest a lamp too!

There are also lots of people who make "altered books". You may want to give that a try?

Here is a link that might be useful: Altered Books

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Last week on Trash to Treasure Hgtv, they used stacked old books as feet for an ottoman. They stacked 2 or 3 books and attached them in the corners of the bottom of the ottoman. It looked cool.

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that is a cool idea. thanks for that link had no idea.
you could get lost in that mess some trippy folks.
I remembered one from when I was a kid the secret box book
by gluing and cutting out the inner pgs. so it makes a box.
easy some real fancy jewelery boxes are made this way.

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I saw a great idea in a British book where they fastened several books together with a large (8 inch or longer) screw, cut a rectangle through the middle of hte books using a jigsaw, and made a planter. They left the books outside so the edges would warp giving the books a well-thumbed look. They planted a small tiny leaved trailing plant in it. I'd have to say that it probably wouldn't last but a couple of seasons out in the weather though. Alice

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It's not a really new or neat idea but I have them around the house on stands to add height to things. Like lamps are a little higher, a picture, the cordless phone....

There was also a craft a while back on the Crafts and Decorations forum that was primitive but could be adapted into any style. The person painted on the front cover of the book and then used a fabric or ribbon that they put through the center of the book and hung it up. Could be used to make say a "Do Not Disturb" sign or something for a holiday or whatever.

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On a recycle board I saw a bar made out of all books. You could also glue them together and make a base for a side table. Or you could donate them!!

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I once copied an idea from a magazine in a very small 1/2 bath.....
You use an L-bracket and attach to a wall....then glue and clamp till dry, a book with the L-bracket on the inside of the bottom cover(hardback). Then glue more on top....a stack of books. THen I put a couple of loose books on one stack(so that they could be read) and then put a candllestick on the other stack. Ended up cute. Just made a cozy "reading" spot!

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I saw and think it was HGTV where these people wanted a bookcase and could have been at top or bottom of stairs or maybe one of those "fake" bookcase doors. they cut the books maybe 2" from the spine area (going towards the front of the book) so all the had was a very small book with spine and glued them on the "fake bookecase" to make a library feel. Something I have always wanted to do, but dh rolls his eyes at me :)


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another link

Here is a link that might be useful: book purses

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Are there any good pictures or illustrations in them? These could be used in a variety of ways, such as framing them, or using the picture in a home-made greeting card.

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A couple of ideas.

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