Vintage Hats

thrift_shop_romanticApril 9, 2007

Heya dear folks-

I'd started thinking about what to do with vintage hats, and ended up brainstorming some ideas on my blog here:

In retrospect I realize it all got to be a bit heavy on the Easter decorating! But I imagine with a few less bunnies and eggs it could be adapted for a general Spring theme. :-)

Hope everyone is getting warmer, better weather!


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Cool ideas you've done with the hats. And no, it's still chilly as heck in the NE, sure wish it'd warm up faster.


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my daughter has some days at school where it's crazy hat days,
would be an idea to have a funky hat party!

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Love the hats! My older sister has a cool hat collection. Every once in a while we fool around and try on all her hats.

Warmer weather? Ha! It's already close to the 90's here, and hurricane season is just around the corner. But then, I live in SW Florida! Warm weather year 'round is nice but I actually miss the 4 seasons in Chicago.

Debbie in Florida

Here is a link that might be useful: My Home Decorating

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I have a large collection of old hats, some from 3 of my grandmothers, in fact. They are in storage right now, but for years I had them hanging around my bedroom - made a board with pegs every foot or so around the entire room and hung the hats, as well as old gloves, purses, and other old items on the pegs. It was cool, but I got tired of dusting after several years! That was long enough ago I didn't have a digital camera and my scanner isn't working, so no pics!


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Arlene, I agree, the dusting can be a bit of a pain, depending particularly whether the material is velvety/felty or not. But I bet the look of it was lovely on the pegs.

Debbie, I too can't resist at least trying on the vintage hats. I found a fun yellow flapper-styled one over the weekend for $5. It's probably not a good look for me, but boy was it fun. :-)


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