Does anyone know?

dooneApril 10, 2006

I recently bought a pretty glass dangler (whirly-gig) at Big Lots. One of the pieces on the dangler is a square glass piece. It is held at the top by a piece of metal clamped over the piece of glass (some glue maybe under the metal clamp) and then a ring is soldered to the top. Does anyone know what these clamps are called and where I can get some?


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If you can show us a picture of it,it may help.

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I am pretty sure I know what peice you are talking about and I think if you look in the fishing department you will be able to find a little thing that should work. It is for tying to your line and clipping a lure on.

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I use several things from the fishing dept when making danglers.
Swivels being the one I buy the most of! Then the little clip thingys that open and close similar to safty pins. i uae a lot of those.

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Actually, I found them. They are called 'ribbon clamps." It's a jewelry item...

However, nobody sells them in my town...


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