help with resin bar top??

cockybamagirlApril 8, 2006

My husband and I are turning an old entertainment center into a bar. He wants to put his collection of squadron patches and stickers on the top and do a clear coating over it. Something like decoupage, but the patches are so thick. Would anyone have any ideas on how to do this? What material to use? We have a Michaels, home depot and lowes. That's about it as far as supply places go.

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Use the pour-on Envirotex Lite. It's what they use on the tabletops with all the stuff under it. The biggest problem you will have is getting any bubbles out, a hairdryer set on low speed/high heat should work or a small torch of some sort. Do it in a dust-free area and mix, mix, mix the solutions extra well. I've done a lot of small things, but never anything as large as what you will be doing. You may want to do a small plaque or ?? first, just to experiment with the product before tackling the bar.

Use the 40% off coupon at Michaels because the stuff isn't cheap. Not sure how many you will need, the box will have a sq. footage listed on it.

Good luck!

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Is there a place online to get the michaels 40% off....or do you just have to wait for one in the paper. I don't think our paper has them very often.

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You can only get the coupon in the paper ad. I think they have stopped the weekly coupon, it seems to me that there is one in their ad every other week. Good luck!

Be sure to come back and show us a picture of your completed project!

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Maybe you could use "bubble blaster" for liquid fusion?????

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You could also place the patches on the table top and lay glass over that.

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lol, sweets, it's amazing how those simple things just pass you by. We had the patches all laid out and 20 year old daughter came it, so we asked her what she thought. She said, cool, so you gonna get a piece of glass to lay on top? rusty and I just kind of looked at each other and went DUH.... we decided that yes, that would work, however, we did the envirotec, and it turned out wonderful. We do need to do another pour though, as those patches are thick!!! I'm hoping there will be a coupon in tomorrow's paper. And we tackled the big job without practice, "patting myself on the back for being brave".

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if you have an AC Moore store around, Michael's will accept their coupons and vice versa

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