stjohnsgypsyApril 17, 2013

This I named after my beloved friend, Betty...aka...slowmedown!

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You l'il heifer. What an honor. Thank you, my dear. I LOVE this. So different than your usual. However, you have been doing a lot of different things on Flickr lately. Love them all. You are truly one of my mosaic heroes. I love the head - unique tess, the bow in her hair, the neck, the boobies - are those earrings? the red triangle below her boobies - what is that? - her crossed arms - very blingy. The whole thing is just Gypsy unique. Bowing in humble thanks, my friend.

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So very cool!!

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Great Job! I cannot say how many times I get a compliment on the light switchplate cover you gave me when we were in Mexico...I have it in my laundry room, and everyone notices it and has to touch it!!!

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Adorable! I love the collection of tiles and beads and glass. Very creative!

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So cute! I love the bow in her hair.

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