Refacing a Built in Buffet - Need Advice!

mizcupcakeApril 14, 2011

Hi Everyone! Have been 'lurking' here for months and am so pleased to have the insight that all of you share!

We bought a DW about a year ago and have been remodelling ever since. So far we have removed a wall, enlarged the kitchen by making the laundry room smaller. built in the fridge, installed new ash doors on the cupboards and added an amazing island, replaced the flooring, doors and are presently installing closet organizers and replacing the closet doors.

We recently papered and painted the open concept LR/DR and plan to reface the built in china cabinet to match kitcen cupboards but I am stumped as to what to do with the inside shelves and panelled back, it is painted white at this time.

I am sure there is someone out there that has been there done that and I need some ideas.

Thanks so much for your interest and any advice you could offer!



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what are you going to use it for? If you are showing stuff then what color? dark against white backround or white against dark backround or use the mirror paint on walls and a wood stain on the sheves.....

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Thanks so much for your reply!

There are glass inserts in the door and I presently have my
good dishes and 'pretty stuff' on display so will probably stay with that. Dishes are white with gold trim and the other stuff is mostly coloured glass.

Sorry to sound stupid but what is 'mirror' paint? I really
like the idea of mirrored background as I do not want it to appear 'dark' inside.

I am going to go to the paint/paper store to see if I can come up with a paper that would suit.

Any other ideas?

Again thanks so much Geeme!

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You could use fabric. Lots of different ways to hang it inside a cabinet....thumbtacks,starch, wallpaper paste.
Use old wallpaper.
Maybe all you need to d is trim out the shelves so they look lace. You can do that with long strips of paper that have been paper punched or raid grandmas trim box in her sewing room.

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Lowes or home depot should have mirror paint.. used to be very popular, if you cant find it they should have the mirrors to put on walls,like tile. either the one foot square of one inch or the one square foot.

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Depends on what shelves are made of what you will be able to do with them. If particle board they will have to be painted. Could use a stain to give them antique look. All wood shelves painted white would be very difficult to clean up with paint stripper & hard telling what is underneath. Could wallpaper shelves & back in either a plain textured paper or "grass or bamboo" or other "natural look" that would work in with your new decor.

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