New plan for kitchen...and surrounding spaces :)

lavender_lassDecember 3, 2010

You have all been so nice giving me feedback on my plan for the kitchen in our old farmhouse. I had some problems with my chimney placement (in relation to house structure) and I still want a little sun here's the new plan.

The dining room in the front (it's current location) but I'm taking down part of the wall into the kitchen. The bar (with stools) is raised about 6" behind the sink...and will hopefully look like my picture, more or less.

The sitting area in the back, has a much better view and the new location will make it easier to add the chimney.

The little sun porch is 10' x 13' and it's just right for a few chairs, a table and a little ottoman. The buffet is for my china and fancy tea dishes. If more than two people want to have tea, we can move to the dining table and with leaves, should be able to seat 6-8 comfortably.

The laundry/pantry and mudroom are on the plan, so I can show my mom, but tell me if you have any suggestions :)

Thanks for taking a quick look! :)

Here's the sink area...but I hope to have a white sink, with antique brass faucet and hardware

And my inspiration picture for the overall feel of the space...kind of a french coutnry farmhouse/cottage...hopefully :)

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WOW Love it!!! REALLY much better then the other.Especially the sitting area around the fire place. You have created many special spaces with out cutting up the overall space too much.

Is the pretty bath going to be the master bath or is there another one for that room? I do not see it as a problem at all having the bath not directly attached to a master bedroom. We have had it both ways in several houses and you get used to what you have and make it work.

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Lavender, love your kitchen sink window setup. I copied that photo to my Inspiration folder. I too want a sort of garden window with a slow backsplash running behind the faucet, IF I cannot make it all level with the countertop.

I'm not always able to read your handwriting, like the words in the laundry area. And is that new family room area showing where the NEW FIREPLACE CHIMNEY will be located, or is it the site of the current one? Either way, I like it. I notice that you omitted both the bedroom and the living room from this drawing, which means you have decided to keep them as is, hmmm?

One thing I had hoped you would/could do was to bump out your bedroom into the space you had shown as deck, over on the back wall behind where you had the bed placed. Bringing that wall out as far as your current family room/sitting room/fireplace room, will give you just the right depth to create a total wall of closet or tall builtin storage, really a huge pantry for your belongings, including clothing.

I also notice that you removed any second toilet/sink area.
I do believe that you can squeeze that into the backside of your pantry where you will have water and sewer drains already located. It could be very nice to have, so you can make the full bath entry only from the master bedroom.

Your new plan has some big improvements, which include making use of the window areas for hospitable functions. I'd suggest that you move your freezer down to the spot next to the mudroom where you show "high windows" and something else which I cannot read. It would be easier to access from the kitchen that way. Just a thought.

Well, gotta do some errands.

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Thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate your input :)

Actually, I can't fit the whole house on one piece of graph paper, with one square = one foot. LOL The living room (not shown) has the wonderful fireplace. The kitchen would have a new, smaller fireplace, but still cozy.

The bathroom in this plan, is a bit further back (added an extra 2 feet) so there's room for a back hall and better access to the basement stairs. The hall bath is kind of a powder room...with my clawfoot tub! I love them and want to have one, but why keep it in the master bath? It's so pretty.

The master bedroom has a little more space...with a somewhat bigger closet and a small bathroom....just sink, toilet and probably walk-in shower (but regular size, just no tub). That's for my wonderful husband...that and his hot tub (and a little bar area downstairs) is really all he wants...leaving me free to design my plan! :)

Upstairs, there will be room for two bedrooms and a basic bath. The basement is mostly cellar with a big area under the living room and bedroom for my husband's "man room, with the small bar".

Thanks again for the help.

ML- Sometimes, I can't read my writing either! LOL

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Wow, Lav. This is really different than the plans you've posted over on the old house forum - but, I like this! I really like the arrangement of the sitting area, kitchen, dining room and I think that your pantry/laundry area looks much better organized. So, you are adding a sunroom and adding 2 feet on to the back hall to accomodate the bath better? Did I understand that correctly? If so, you are enlarging your foot print somewhat and sometimes that little extra space makes a big difference in livability. I also generally prefer the idea of a small fireplace over a woodstove (even the cute ones). From your inpiration pictures, I can picture these spaces remodeled and fully decorated! You are going to have a terrific space and all this planning will be so worth it. When do you start?

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Kim- Thank you! Everyone over here has been so supportive :)

It's going to be a while before we actually start the remodel, so I'm taking the time to plan everything down to the last detail. We have a good friend, who is a GC...and he spent the summers out at our farm, with my husband when they were kids. He really wants to fix up the house, too.

I'm hoping he can give me an estimate on the cost to add on and remodel the existing home...this spring :)

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lavender_lass, it's great to see that I'm not only one using graph paper! A lot of plans I've noticed on this site are done with home design programs, but I haven't delved into that yet. :)

Furthermore, not only are we going to do a remodel and addition to a little old 800 sq. ft. farmhouse, but I'm planning on getting a clawfoot tub, too! Mine will go in the master bath, since we'll be re-using the existing regular cast iron bathtub in the main bath.

One more thing regarding graph paper...did you know that you can get a pad of 11" x 17" graph paper at Staples? Our 1500 sq. ft. plan fits on one sheet! :)

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fifty two you should ask Moccasin-Landing about her slipper tub. It is acrylic and lovely and so much lighter. There is a thread about it. Read all the way to the end . A great transition. Pictures included.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous Slipper Tub

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Oooh, thank you, shades! I'm on my way to check out the link right now! :)

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52 and Lavender, I use a lot of graph paper too.

Dealing with home design software puts a big monkey wrench in the way and I don't like to deal with that at all.

However, I did find a program that helped me create a very neat design, and it is also on graph paper. My house plan uses the scale of 1 tiny square = 6 inches. That way, I can have room for the thickness of walls.

It is called SWEET HOME can turn it and make it have top-down view of the rooms, or get an angle on it to give a 3-D look. I'm doing good to have a top-down look, and it has furniture pieces also. I've tried the IKEA kitchen planner, and it whipped me so I uninstalled it from my computer.

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Thanks for the info on Sweet Home 3D, moccasinlanding! :)

That sounds pretty cool...but my two biggest reasons for not wanting to get into home design software is the learning curve and the fact that I have a small screen on my netbook. Scrolling all the time would not be fun. :(

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