mosaic panel in shower?

horsegrlApril 23, 2009

I'd like to do a 2 1/2 by 3 foot mosaic panel from stained glass and install it in my shower wall (the durarock panels are not up yet). Because the glass is much thinner than the shower tile (travertine), i'm thinking of gluing it on a sheet of glass then somehow attaching the glass to the durarock.

I'm not attaching the mosaic directly to the durarock wall because of the thickness issue and I want to work horizontally, rather than vertically. I've only done direct mosaics (the first floor of my house, a backsplash etc),

Here are my questions:

-- Is glass the best medium to apply the mosaic? Should I consider something like a piece of stiff vinyl?

-- Is Weldbond waterproof enough for a shower? I was thinking of using that to glue the stained glass to whatever substrate I use.

-- Can thinset hold up the large piece of glass with the glass mosaic attached -- it will be two thicknesses of glass, plus the weight of the grout. I could grout it once it's up).

-- is there a better way to do a mosaic panel in a shower that involves using stained glass? i'm using the glass because it gives me more interesting color choices and i can easily cut it into the shapes i need.


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Hello HORSEGRL: Having no experience w/shower work, my suggestion is to get professional help from a tile person. Check your local tile shop listings. I offer what knowledge I have on mosaics in general. I DO know that Weldbond isn't waterproof PERIOD. I only use it for inside mosaics on flat surfaces. Thinset is, of course, the adhesive I would use for bathroom adhesive. I used it for my countertop/backsplash. It is very tough. Hardibacker is the substrate I used for the counter/backsplash. I used stained glass and a plethora of found objects, but you could check Google for wonderful colors in glass tiles. Here is one shot of my bathroom

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I have no direct knowledge that will help you with your project, but maybe there is something here that will guide you. She did the entire shower enclosure, but maybe you can use some of it in your project (which sounds cool, btw).

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaiced shower

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