Got great frame samples.Now what to do?

mcnaughtonApril 30, 2006

Freebies from a garage sale--4 boxes of L shaped frame samples--all finishes and textures. Get those creative juices flowing and brainstorm some ideas for me. You are all so good at it!

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LOL I have the same thing and have never done ANYTHING with them! I was mesmerized by all the different finishes, widths, styles, etc. (But I only got my hands on a clothes basket full for $1.00! LOL)

(Ya Ya - who's gonna be watching this post v-e-r-y carefully! LOL)

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I, too have a box full of frame corners. I kept them after I left the art show company. Most were discontinued and they didn't want them back.
I have a few ideas, but haven't actually tried anything yet.

One planned idea is to mount them on the wall, (two or three, corner side down, a few inches apart) then paint them the same as the wall color, and then, mount gourds, cut in half with the cut side against the wall. The gourds will also be painted the same as the wall. Sort of a mono-chromatic, 3-d, abstract look.

I hope I get some other ideas from this thread, I've got quite a few frame corners to work with.


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Get yourself a compound miter saw and make yourself some really neat picture frames! You could take them apart and put them back together in all kinds of ways....

I see all kinds of pics of black and white, barns, flowers in front of some creative photography or go to web images and see what's there...

Just a thought....

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