Need sewing advice - turning a tire into a chair!

AllisternofxApril 30, 2012

Hi, I have little to no experience with sewing and I'm not the craftiest person in the world, so I'm reaching out for advice. I have a tire that I just took off my Jeep, (I don't know the measurements off the top of my head) and I would like to turn it into a cushioned seat (no arms - it will be for me to sit on while I play my guitar.) I envision getting some sort of round cushion, covering it with a fabric of my choice, and somehow attaching that fabric to another sheet of fabric that would go around the tire. Any advice? I am broke, so this will have to be a cheap project. I literally know NOTHING about sewing, so feel free to talk to me like I know nothing. Thanks so much!

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I do have a suggestion if you don't plan to move the tire around a lot. You can just take a piece of plywood or something else round that would fit on top of the tire, then get a piece of foam or take an old pillow and put on top of that, then take your fabric and put it over the entire thing. Sort of like wrapping a package. You could use large safety pins to help secure it under the bottom. That would involve no sewing, but would let you cover the whole thing. It just wouldn't be the most secure thing for moving around. Good luck!

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I was going to suggest plywood also .You might get some paint cheap somewhere & paint the tire & just cover the top or just use clear spray to seal the tire as I think they might give off black on your clothes. If you wanted a "skirt"for the tire part you could take a long section of fabric that would go over the tire & sew it by hand inside or put elastic in top that you fold down to make a pocket(kind of like a curtain but with just 1 sewn pocket & another on bottom of fabric.(Along the length of the fabric so it would be about width of tire times 2 & add a couple more inches for the pockets for elastic. If you had the fabric twice as long as the length around tire it would be slightly gathered when you slip it on. Put the elastic through the pocket with it attached to a closed safety pin & inch it along. pin the piece of elastic to end you started on when you get it almost used up or it will get "lost" in the pocket & you will have to start over. Good Luck! Jan

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