way OT question about cancer and symptoms

mojojojogrlnjApril 23, 2007

my step dad is now cancer free, but he is losing way to much weight he looks worse than he did with the cancer...he cannot keep anything down, even water....ive said to my mom marijuana for medicinal needs...but being christian she dont want to do this....anyone been through this or even know of any support groups in the jackson tn area?

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Mojo, I'm sorry to hear about your family issues.

Perhaps you can find some support groups through WebMd or Medline, the US government web site which has tons of credible information.

Hang in there,

Here is a link that might be useful: Medline- Government resources

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Unexplained weight loss is a sign of medical problems. It may just be that the Cancer and treatment took such a tole that he's gonna take some time to recover, but please See the doctor.

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Your stepfather needs to go back to the doctor. Vomiting is one problem. Not having an appetite is another. My fil was given medication to increase his appetite so he could gain weight. It worked pretty well.

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I have lost my mom and my sister to cancer. Evil thing! If you email me I will send you everthing I have on the subject from natural cures, (they really helped), to helping him feel stronger and hungry. Too much to put here. Remember chemo completely destroys the immune system, so you have to build it back up. I will help any way I can. let me know. Dena

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thanks all, he went back to dr and they gave him more meds hopefully this will help....jaspersmom....i couldnt find your email....but mine is mojojojogrl@comcast.net i would love to have any info you have thanks

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