old shoe -victorian nightlight

momsgirl2April 17, 2005
tis is my rendition of a night light

trash linen shoe

treasure -victorian night light

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Does the light show through the shoe -- or shine from the top ? I could see something like that selling in a fancy boutique !

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What does the light look like before you put it in the shoe? Good idea.I would never have thought of that....Lillie

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the light shines thru the plastic cover which is a section of a 2ltr soda bottle painted white or blue or etc.the light is the small lite one bulb sold at the dollar tree 2x 1.00.shoe comes from land fill.lace remanents torn off old dresses; buttons.jewels.braids remnants.
cost .50 .i used them for teen x-mas gifts

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that is a great idea.I have only thought up an idea for cowboy boots.will try to send pic soon.I made a texas birdhouse with it.the birds have been coming back for 5 years now

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I have a red cowgirl boot lamp with lace shade. The twin is a birdhouse. I have a metal boot lamp and a red cowgirl hat to put on as a shade.

but birds can not have my birdhouse....ha ha. I do have a smaller boys boot birdhouse out in the GS garden.

You are right, those nightlights would sell at a boutique. Great idea.

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I'm not trying to be a downer here...but just wondering...could the light bulb get too hot and cause trouble. My cousin collects old shoes...and I'm thinking I'd like to make her one for her birthday in July. But I'd hate to be the one giving her something that might cause a fire.

Also I think drilling a hole in the bottom of the shoe for the cord would be a good idea.


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hi patti
that would be a good idea.hadn,t got that far yet

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