Check this out- Ruth Greenberg Mosaics

gin_ginApril 26, 2009

Actually found this video posted elsewhere on GW, but thought you mosaic ladies have to see it. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Oregon Art Beat -- Ruth Greenberg

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Sorta boggles my mind. She is some kind of artist, huh. Re-inventing the wheel, but I so admire her drive. WOW - what an artist.

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I enjoyed this video so much. She always has JUST the tess she needs....hmmmmmm. It makes her pieces really unique and apparently she's doing very well if she's employing all those others too. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it.

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Boy wouldn't it be lovely to pick up a piece and know it would fit like a glove. Hmm...I have a bag of old ceramic clay in the garage, wonder if my glass kiln goes high enough? Those special finishes on the tiles are wonderful and lend such detail and take skill to accomplish. I love the mock reflections in the windows of that cabin. I would love to see her studio. Truly wonderful.

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