pics of the beading on the wedding dress

huggybear_2008April 24, 2009

Here are some pics of the beading on the wedding dress I was bidding on.. I thought that this beading would be easy to remove and use else where.. but I forgot about the bidding ending last night and I lost it by $1.00 duh.....kicking myself in the butt.. it went for $16.00 and the dress had a lot of beads and pearls on it.. front and back , sleeves, and train..darn.. oh well

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Ohhhh heartbreak...That is beautiful...You'll find another i'm sure...

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It was lovely!! That's what happens when you "have"to go to bed & get some sleep!!LOL I imagine you check TS's for them,check the sweaters & vests also as some have lots of beads. Watch your newspaper for "free" gown too! Jan

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Thanks Jan, I really did not need the wedding dress, it just happened to be on my on line auction and I thought it would be great to get at a good price and just take the beading off as it looked like the beading was on a backing and could be taken off easy. I do not want one that has the beading all sewn on seperate.. whew, that would be a job. Beading and pearls bought in the store on a backing are expensive.. so I thought with all this beading it would be a good buy.. I will watch the TS and GW ...

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What an interesting idea -- using 'old' wedding dresses as a source for fabric and beading! I could imagine making some lovely small throw pillows, maybe decorating a plain lamp shade, what else?

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Sorry you missed out on the auction. Better luck next time. My daughter has used some GW wedding dresses for various projects. She has removed some nice beaded pieces and has put them on other clothing, made a beaded cumberbund, a headband and put some on purses. She even dyed some and the material in the beads must have been just right because it took the dye and was very pretty. She also used the satin, beads and lace from a GW wedding dress to make a ring bearer's pillows for a couple of her friends. Wish I had pics to share. (Her daughters...9 and putting on the dresses and swishing around the house in them before Mom cuts them up.)

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