need to fix up a mirror

beckersterApril 16, 2005

i have a mirror that i took after my lil' sis' didnt want it anymore. it's kinda beat up and the edges are ugly, there are big metal clips holding the glass and wood together...does anyone have any good ideas i could use to fix it up? (dont worry, i plan to use goo-gone to get rid of the stickers some day) ;D

Here is a link that might be useful: a pic of the mirror

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What a wonderful mirror. Resilvering is expensive so maybe you can paint the mirror with glass paint. Glass paints are found in all craft stores. I hope you can get some ideas from the site below.

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What a big mirror ! It does show signs of age though --- If that was mine - I'd cut some of it up and use it for mosaics -- and maybe use some pieces of it as some sort of garden project . Mirrors in the garden can be striking !

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that is beautiful.....I saw on a home decorating show where they took a mirror like that and took off some of the mirrow glazing and then painted a silver gray on the back. It of course showed thru but it was beautiful. You can make it a picture frame looking edge or random.

check with a home or hardware store and see if they have the stuff to take it off...seems like it was a reasonable price.

On another show, they marked a good border and used sandpaper to remove the damaged mirror.

Just jump in and do will be great.

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I've used very thin strips of wallpaper borders pasted around the edges of old mirrors. Borders that already have one side with a pretty cut out design work best, or cut out a pretty ivy border and paste it on. Or paint a nice light abstract design just around the edges with glass paint.

Nice antique mirror, I'd hesitate to cut it up.

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