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gwtamaraApril 30, 2008

Hi everyone,

The iVillage producers are working on a piece about people selling things on eBay, etc., to help pay the bills. While you may not specifically be doing this because of the current economy, I know quite a few of you are avid ebayers -- so, any tried-and-true tips that you have would also be welcomed. Thanks for your help!


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In light of the recession, are you selling anything on eBay or Craigslist (or in a yard sale) to help make ends meet? If so, what are you selling? Do you have any selling tips for others interested in making some extra cash by selling some of their possessions?

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I just read an article on this on AOL. I have sold some craft items on eBay but nothing personal. If folks aren't selling on eBay they just might be selling at tag sales or going to them to pick up a bargain. Yes these are very hard times for a lot of us and whatever you can do to make it easier on yourself and your family sure does help. Folks might scrimp on this or that or even give up certain things just to pay for necessities such as groceries and utilities. Personally, with just filling up my car with gas today, I'll be going to work and coming home till the next payday. Lunch will be at the office, which it has been for awhile now. Going out to lunch has turned into a not-so-often treat. Know that I love my home though, and now that Spring is in the air and the warm, sunny days of Summer aren't far away, staying home is just fine with me. I have my GW forum friends whom I correspond with and I think I speak for a lot of us here when I say, "we are friends and we are family" to each other. It makes the going easier knowing that we can turn to each other to share and see who's making what, adding our thoughts and comments and helping each other.

Just my thoughts,


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My first thought is the presentation of the item is a biggie! I had costume jewelry laid on a table during a garage sale last fall. Some of it sold, a lot of it didn't. This spring I put out what was left, only this time I arranged it on an old metal potato chip rack display. We got tickled over how many people stopped and looked at EVERYTHING on the rack and then usually bought at least one piece! LOL

On e-bay the same thing is true - several clear, "telling" photos as to what is for sale. Any imperfections should be mentioned and photographed, etc.

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I know this doesn't directly address your question, but on the flip side of your question, I frequent vintage stores often and Craigslist daily for both pleasure and for the bargains.

I would like to have a yard sale if I could ever organize everything, but frankly because I have found so many wonderful items at vintage stores, I feel compelled to simply donate my items as opposed to selling them. Although my family would benefit in the short term from the profit of the sales, I would feel better if I returned the favor and helped others by just donating these items.

"One wo-man's trash is another wo-man's treasure." And I do love the hunt!
: )

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We have only sold a bit on ebay but found it more bother than it was worth.

We've been yard saling tho for quite a few years, initially to resell in a section of our store. Even tho we no longer have a store and are retired we "caught the yard sale bug" and now do it mostly for fun. We readily admit it fulfills the need to shop and at the same time we find many really good bargains. We also feel it it's an environmentally sound hobby as we are keeping a few things out of the landfill. With the increase in gas prices we no long travel as far but keep it quite local and only go to about 10 sales a week.

We hold one or two garage sales each year to sell what we are tired of or has been replaced by a better find and everything is refurbished, cleaned, etc. Small things are packaged in whatever manner works so they look better and to reduce shoplifting. I rarely sell clothes but donate them to the thrift shop as well as what doesn't sell at the sale.

Last year we sold over $2000. worth in two sales altho there was some furniture and appliances in that total (had replaced these with new) so it is worthwhile to us altho not something we depend on. Just gives us some incentive to continue this fun hobby!

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