Painting Cabinets, Part II: The Vanity

wifiskerJuly 30, 2012

Since I got so much awesome feedback and inspiration on my kitchen cabinets thread I'm going to start a separate one on possibly painting the bathroom vanity. There are three total baths in the house and all three have the same ugly type of wood for the vanities but one is in the basement so we're going to let it go for a while and the other is in our master bath which we plan to remodel as soon as possible. (That will be a whole other topic someday!)

This third bath is off the main level living area. Ideally I'd like to get an all new vanity, countertop, mirror and light fixture but for now I can mostly just make inexpensive cosmetic improvements. The good news is that I LOVE the white tile floor pattern and it's in great shape. There's square white tile halfway up the walls and the bathtub also has square white tile, but in a diamond pattern.

I already have a really cute shower curtain that I spotted one day at Target and had to have because it made me smile to look at. The idea I'm kicking around is to paint the vanity a soft blue gray. I've attached photos of the current bathroom, the shower curtain and some inspiration pics of painted vanities.

I haven't dared to suggest this to DH yet since I'm not sure if he'd like going with something "different" but whether I mention it to him will depend on what you all think. :)

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Close up of shower curtain pattern.

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Inspiration vanity 1

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Inspiration vanity 2

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Inspiration vanity 3

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Fori is not pleased

Would it provide enough contrast? I do think you're right in that painting that vanity would be just about all you need to make that bath (and I think the curtain is great, too).

What about going just a little darker and getting one of the blue-greys off the bird? Or is that what you were thinking?

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fori - I was thinking the color of the vanity in pic #1 would be close enough to the birds to pull those together. Are the shades too far off? I don't think I want the vanity *too* blue. Or would it be better to just stain the vanity a darker color instead?

Also, DH pointed out last night that he thinks the countertop may have some swirls of creamy beige in it and I thought I remember it being all white with white swirls. If it has creamy beige swirls that might not look so great a blue gray painted vanity. Or am I wrong about that?

Geez, I know what I love when I see other people's work but I can never figure it out for myself!

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Perhaps one of these shades?

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue-Gray shades

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I love the colors you've picked out and the shower curtain. Very pretty!

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I love paint you can do so much with it your bathroom make over will be worth it too. I did mine before I started my kitchen project. My first thoughts were light blue from birds on wall then dark blue on vanity to get a perfect match I would take my shower curtain to the paint store.

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Love the floor. I think if you took the shower curtain to BM and tried to match the lightest blue-green in the bird for the vanity it would look good.
Do you have a photo of the whole bathroom to see how far away the shower curtain is to the vanity.

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lyban - I wish I had a better pic of the whole bathroom but my DH was in charge of the camera and he was apparently more concerned about taking several photos of the garage and his future man cave in the lower level. :) The tub where the shower curtain would hang is directly to the left of the photo. The door opens to the left and the tub is right behind it, so the floor space you see is about all the distance from the vanity to the tub.

Great suggestions on bringing the shower curtain with me to the paint store; I think I'll do that.

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Somewhere, either in HD or Kitchens, there was a shot of new cupboard doors just like yours. Not beadboard, but solid wood. I've tried to find it without any luck.

Did anyone else remember seeing the pic? I think it was posted within the last week. The door was also linked to supplier with all info on wood, finishes and construction. Absolutely identical and I want them. Why the heck I didn't bookmark is beyond me.

Your doors will be in style for today, given what I saw. Love your kitchen and the bath is going to look great too. Nice they both have the same wood design, a great way to start.

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I have the same floor tile as you but it's that 70's yellow. My DH thinks i'm crazy to want to keep it but i love it as well. I'm also thinking of painting the vanity gray and get a new sink/counter. Please update so I can see your new bath or any tips you might have.

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That shower curtain would make me smile too.... love it!
You might like Mount Saint Anne paint from Ben Moore with it. I painted wicker furniture with it, after reading about this color for years, and just love. I think it might be spectacular with your shower curtain.

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I think you have a great plan. Can't wait to see it all put together. Beautiful floor.

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I think it will look GREAT with the grey blue vanity! Before I scrolled down to your inspiration pics that is exactly what I pictured with that shower curtain. If you can remove some of the "bumps" on the doors it may improve things too. Definitely replacing those knobs will make a difference.

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I actually saved inspiration picture #2 the other day in case I ever decide to paint my bathroom cabinets. BM Fieldstone is a pretty color for cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Fieldstone

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That shower curtain is adorable, and the bath is going to be so cute!

I would gel stain the wood darker Java, and paint the walls to match the lighter blue in the birds, like SW Rainwashed. Put some shiny hardware on, and it will be spectacular.


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