Tiny kitchen realities

emagineerDecember 14, 2008

Posted in Kitchens. Great article about Tiny Kitchens and what we really need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiny

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Good article, and good point. Our kitchen would be considered small now days, but probably half of the counter space is populated by stuff that could be somewhere else. The only time it gets dicey is when we are both cooking.

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Hi Sandy ~ What a great article! If he can do it, so can we.

When we were newlyweds, I had a 2 or 3 burner butane gas stove, with a tiny oven. We had a small refrigerator with a tiny freezer compartment, a double sink, I think, marble counter tops, terra cotta tiled floors, and a little dinette set, blue formica and chrome. (This was in Spain.)

After reading this article it makes me appreciate my little bit bigger, but still small kitchen. I learned to cook and love it while in jr. high school, in home ec. classes 7th, 8th and 9th grades. My love for cooking has only grown through the years.

Thanks for sharing this article.


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Fun article. I saw the photo of him cooking his massive meal and what I saw doesn't look that far off from what I do.

Personally, as long as I have about 5 feet of counter/prep space available, I can do anything for about 12 people...but then, I'm the only one who cooks, I do it alone, and I like to cook.

I agree with flgargoyle...if there's more than 1 person working, elbow room is key.

I also love the part about not needing a bazillion gadgets & tools to get the job done. A "bonus" (if you will) to small kitchens is that it forces one to not bother with the kitchen gizmos you use once a year which take up valuable real estate.

Heck, I don't even own a microwave...by choice. I had one for 6 months and gave it away. I heated a few cups of water, and melted butter once. Not worth the space on my counter for as little as I used it.


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Gayle ~ We use our microwave for popcorn, and to reheat left overs. I have made a few meals in it, but I'd much rather use my stove and oven. The micro wave is housed in a hutch. We also have a toaster oven, and a toaster, and an electric can opener. I have a nice chopping block table that I do a lot of work on and of course the counter next to the stove. I think I would get 'lost' in a huge kitchen.


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Good article. My current kitchen is the biggest I have ever had and it feels huge to me, but I have friends who call it small. They are also friends who don't really cook either.

Like flowerlady, when we married my kitchen was a 3 burner narrow stove, a small refrigerator, a sink, and 2 feet of counter on either side of the sink. And it was there that I learned to cook.

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My kitchen is fairly small and counter space is at a premium. I probably have about a 4 ft section of counter and about 1ft on each side of the sink. I utilize the kitchen table as extra space to work on when making a big meal. I have cooked a meal for 12 in there.

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My mother cooked huge dinners for 18 people in a kitchen that was the size of a big closet. No one was astonished by it (I can't figure out why anyone WOULD be. The kitchen doesn't cook, the cook, cooks!)

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Hi Sandy, Thanks for the article. I read it in bits and pieces. So busy right now. Since we do have what I consider a large kitchen I do not have the issues of some but I have had tiny kitchens in my time.

I have found at this house is I have pared down so much on kitchen things I have so much extra space. I have all canning things jars and kettles roasters stored in this kitchen where before they were out in my storage room. A friend visiting cracked me up when he wanted a slice of bread and I told him where it was. He opened cupboard and saw toaster and loaf of bread and that was all. He had just commented on how his cupboards are so crammed with stuff the doors do not close. :^(

I have noticed I started using the largest glass measuring cup/bowl for almost all mixing. I think it is Pyrex. It has a handle on it. Eight cup. For any one with storage issues and does not display their mixing bowls this glass measuring cup takes the place of the large space wasting mixing bowls. I have room for my bowls and will be keeping them but if I had to choose the bowls would be the ones to go keeping the Pyrex.

Just my two cents.


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