trellis materials?

mcnaughtonApril 27, 2006

I'd like to re-purpose materials to make a trellis at the end of our patio. Anyone have suggestions for novel (or ordinary)construction materials. One of our neighbors used 3 rusted porch decor (metal)verticals. Your ideas?

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how much area do you want to cover?
old or new garden tools say a rake ,shovel, hoe, etc. all attached to a post with a cross bar real easy , and use g.s or big lots tools real cheap.
this was one of my ideas I,ve had in storage for a while done right this is a real sellable idea and would look good in alot of spots.
garden hose strung up on a pole and tied to a stake in the ground .
a whole stack of lawn chairs????
literally I bet I can scrounge up enough in afew weeks to make a real big trellis just stack them on a pc of pipe and plant vines on them ???
two metal trash cans stacked on top of each other maybe with wire on the outside for vines to climb..???
bamboo....obvious but I have it growing so it is available.
old gates seem to be a natural thing for me to find, they are great trellis,s.
conduit is cheap and easy to work with just hammer the ends flat and use self tapping screws and form anything.
kids toys are easy to find.
the ends of old swing sets are natural trellises and arbors?????.
if welding is available chain and old tools are the best and if you try free or cheap .still thinking this was made from the old ballisters from aneighbors house. Rick

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Check out this garden gate that was posted a while back on the Garden Junk Forum. I think you could use something like this for a trellis. I'd still be woried about safety, but I think you could work around that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Junk Forum - Garden Gate

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I once saw a trellis made of branches. It was in and arch shape, and the branches had been soaked in water to make them pliable. Small nails were used, but fishing line was also used to tie them together. One of these days...........;o)


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ooooh, you have my imagination stoked. I'm looking to make something about 6' tall and 4-6'wide. I loved the thread with the gate picture. Any other ideas?

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no you got mine and there is a sale next weekend with a lot of tools at it.
I want to make one with three garden rakes leaf rakes
and just use a heavy upright pc. maybe pipe with a t top
maybe 2x2 or conduit and paint it all one color then attach
the rake with the ends facing up and plant cardinal climbers on it. Rick

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Rick, What do you mean by upright pc? If pvc, what kind of paint?

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well you need to understand I was,nt quite sure what I meant
and do my best work just outside of the box a bit with a little pressure.
but I,m needing a trellis and some motivation so this intrigued me. I have a wire cd rack now that I need a base for to use for a trellis but what I saw then and now have kinda played witht he pcs for was an "upright" a post? maybe 31/2ft tall with a top bar like a clothesline post with garden tools atached for me 3 leaf rakes.
I now know how to make a permanent one use pipe ,a pipe pc at the height we want then attach a "T" top and then put the cross pcs. on yes pvc would work great but I have bad luck painting it or other plastic and I have scrap 2 in pipe
so I will get a new t top and use scrap for the rest it will be solid I have all the scrap to do this with pvc also
have you decided what to do ??
there is a lot of crazy things people use , bicycles??
my fav is bike rims they attach easily together with screws and vines love it.. Rick

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im thinking of using an old beach umbrella frame as a trellis for my moonflower vines to grow keep it upright i have an umbrella base. good luck and let us know what u come up with

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I have been wanting to use that umbrella idea for a long time.
well I went to the ultimate junk auction sat. I mean over 40 yrs of a professional packrats stuff most went for a dollar a row.
but I missed my garden tools a whole row lined up on a garage for 3$ .
but I did make the part I said I have a lot of scrap pipe
so I made a T about 31/2 tall by using a pc. of 1 1/2 in. pipe with a threaded end I attached a T fitting on top then found two pcs. of scrap threaded on ends and attached them to the T then cut them to about 18in.and set this in the ground about a foot . I wanted to put 3 leaf rakes on it
for vines but will now use something else. still a solid way to make a trellis. Rick

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My dad suggested using bamboo to make a trellis. One of our local dollar stores is selling bundles of bamboo. I haven't quite figured out how to go about it though.

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I have a couple of ideas for you ... but understand I usually hang out in the Garden Junk forums ... enough said? LOL

You could repurpose an old crib. Use the sides alone ... or even teepee them together for large climbing plants.

I used parts of a metal futon and used them as part fence/part trellis next to my arbor. Planted morning glories at the base ... and they climbed all over them ... Unfortunately once they climbed the "trellis" they got interested in my privet hedge and attached themselves to them. Someone asked me what kind of shrub I had with those beautiful flowers. LOL futon frame fence/trellis

I once saw someone use a bunch of old wooden crutches as a trellis. All the tips of the crutches were touching and the tops where fanned out in a half circle. Not quite sure how they were attached together and made to stand up.

Depending on how big an area, and how rustic you want to get ... old bed springs (from inside a mattress) make excellent trellis's.

Frames from old patio umbrellas work well too.

There are lots of free patterns on the internet too if you are interested in building your own as well. Some from wood and some from copper pipes which take on a nice patina and don't rot either.

That's all I can think of for now ... come back and show us what you create!


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I have the bedspring trellis-in fact 2. One used 3 of the 'flat' cot springs,
and the other is two coiled bedsprings standing on end.
Both have metal fence posts or old galvanized pipe
driven into the ground to hold them up. Tied it together with wire.
Ivan did blow down the one with the cot springs,
but only broke the holding wires. It is back up again.
See my website.

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Hi Nona,

I love your website! It is full of ideas... :0

I have two questions:

What is the name of the yellow flower on which the yellow butterfly is standing?


Do you ever feed your goldfish, or the mosquito larva is enough for them to survive on? I am wondering about wheather to feed my only one or not. Mine shares a bucket pond with a parrot feather plant, duck weed, and about 5 snails.



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