My first glass totems....

emilyannApril 26, 2007

They are in the gallery part of this, I don't know how to post a pic here:( What do you think? This is my first time posting on here too, I usually just "lurk" this is the greatest forum to get these cool ideas!!

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Those are so nice. What kind of adhesive did you use?

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Your garden totems are fantastic Emily. And - Welcome to the forum, no more lurking now, you jump right in here and be a part of the fun all the time.

To post a pic on this side is just like you did it in the gallery side. However, to post the pic right into your msg, (I'm guessing you're using Photobucket for your pics), click on the middle HTML Code and it will say "Copied" - go back to the forum and put your cursor in your post where you want the pic to appear. Then at the top menu of your screen, click on Edit and then scroll down and click on Paste. You will see the HTML Code in your post. When you next "Preview Message" you will see your pic inside your post. Once you get the hang of it it's easy.

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