Why is it so difficult to find queensize captains/storage beds?

cecilia_md7aDecember 14, 2006

The major furniture manufacturers must not be aware that those of us who don't live in McMansions need to use every potential source of storage available.

I've only found about half a dozen examples of queensize beds with built-in underbed storage - and most of them are advertised as being for "youth" or "Teen" rooms!

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Hmm ... if a contemporary style suits you, you could check out your local "Scandinavian" furniture store -- quite often they sell queen-size platform beds with drawers underneath -- and sometimes even storage in the headboard. My bed is a platform with a couple of large drawers in which I put out-of-season linens.

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Pottery Barn sells a queen-size captain's bed that comes with either drawers or baskets.

It's not inexpensive, but it's the only one I've seen that doesn't look like a kid's bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Stratton Storage Bed

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You'll need a little staircase to get into bed :)

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The catalogs at my local unfinished furniture store offer several, varying in style from contemporary to traditional. Maco Furniture makes a pretty one. We were considering going this route. Just don't put one of those ridiculous 18" thick mattresses on top of it.

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Hi there. I don't know if you are near a gothic craft store- but I have used their queen size storage platform bed for 20 years. It has been a life saver. Below the mattress is 4 large drawers. The wood around it is handcrafted. I have been very pleased. I a listing the URL below.

Here is a link that might be useful: storage platform beds.

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We have Anderson beds in 2 of our bedrooms and plan to buy a 3rd. You can order the beds in six or 12 drawer configurations in sizes from twin to king. Easy to put together and very well made. We use a mattress with boxspring on our single level and mattress alone on the double level. I can't speak for their air mattress since I've never owned one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Storage Bed

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Since I first posted, I found a local Oak Furniture store that makes queen-size captain's beds. I also noticed this white storage bed on sale in the latest JC Penney catalog. DH and I are considering this (we don't have a lot of $ to spend). The only problem is the baskets - we don't know whether they would serve as built-in scratching posts for our cats!

Here is a link that might be useful: JC Penney Storage Bed

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Have you checked out beds made by Baker Road? We were on this same quest 18 years ago and found this line in a higher end unfinished furniture store. Since then, I've seen the line in a finished furniture store. If you're near Madison, WI, I can tell you the furniture store.

Our bed is a queen platform bed with 2 drawers on each side. The drawers are well made with side metal slides. We also ordered a matching storeage headboard that has includes an electrical and phone outlet. This brand wasn't cheap, but, it's well made and I've never regretted the decision. Now, if I could only find a comfortable replacement mattress (box springs don't work).

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Try finding a KING sized bed with under bed storage. I am with you, WHEN are the manufactures going to learn that we adults have a need for storage. I have had a storage bed for almost 20 years, but it is a full sized. I have altered it to a queen sized bed by adding a box spring to hold the mattress. I puchased it from a custom furniture maker which is no long in business (my bed lasted longer than the business) It is much better quality than most convential bedroom sets. I absolutely can not live with a conventional bed (without underbed storage). The cleaning under the bed and wasted space is a absolute necessity!!! Like you I don't have a mansion, and I like clean lines and uncluttered look of storage beds. I just don't like the PINE BOX look of some of them. I would like a modern contemporary look, and found a few. Like the pottery barn link that is great!!! I also liked Gothic link too!!! The price is moderately high, but it will last a lifetime. So I will pay for quality and looks. Yes...(from an earlier post) the bed is higher and I like that, but with a KING bed I would not need the box spring and it should be the perfect height. Oh and the platform beds are way too low. My last resort is a local unfinished furniture store. Can you believe you can't pay for finishing??? Can anyone help me too?

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Here is a link that might be useful: HUMBLEABODE.COM

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I bought a Hollywood frame (which I hate because it rocks back and forth in, um ahem ;-) certain circumstances, which I specifically did not want and had hoped a heavy-duty 9-leg frame would prevent, but I guess it's just the way metal frames are) from Humble Abode. The shipping was fast and the price excellent. Very pleasant shopping experience overall.

I'm VERY surprised you can't pay for finishing at your local unfinished furniture store. They can't even give you a referral to an outside shop that could do the finishing?

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Here is a link that might be useful: POTTERY BARN STRATTON

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PB Teen has several storage bed models in somewhat adult-looking styles, though I think queen size is the largest available.

Here is a link that might be useful: PB Teen storage beds

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One of the easiest ways to look for an item is doing an "image" search first. Try a number of tags to view different options you are looking for.

Although I didn't find a storage bed with baskets underneath, my search was basic. But, the link is below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Storage Bed

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i just bought jcpenney's version of rip-off barn's stratton bed. if i had to guess, i'd say the same manufacturer/supplier furnishes both places. the bed from jcpenney came labeled as stratton bed, go figure. it's on-sale in their outlet section for $499 + $200 shipping (or so, i'm guessing p'barn's shipping is the same as jcp) which makes it about $500 cheaper than rip-off barn's version. the only difference is the baskets... jcp's has more "fibrous(?)" baskets. it took some time to put together but i am loving it and feeling smug that i didn't succumb to p'barn's outrageously priced version of the same bed.

Here is a link that might be useful: same bed, WAY different price

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I, too, bought the JCPenney version of the Stratton Bed. However, it causes the mattress to sag in the middle. Climbergrl, did you have this problem?

There's a 20"x60" gap where the boxes do not meet, although two slender braces act as spacers between the left and right boxes. Our mattress is new & high quality and we are not large people. PB's specifications list a platform connector slightly larger than the gap and 1/2" thick. So I called JCP and a case mgr troubleshot the problem w/ the vendor. No luck. No missing pieces; it's as designed, but shouldn't sag. The case mgr is checking to see if they will reimburse us for plywood. We really don't want to return the bed, as our bedrooms are small and the bed is otherwise very well made. To her credit, the mgr has been kind and professional. Let's hope for a solution.

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sorry for the delay in response, yes, i had the same problem but went to home depot, spent about $4 on scrap ply wood, made some "braces" out of other scraps and filled in the blanks... the braces were meant to keep the ply wood from shifting... have had no subsequent problems. i hope this helps.

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Good to know someone else experienced the same problem. JCP handled the problem well. They reimbursed us for the cost of a 1/2" sheet of plywood, about $29, with no hassle. A friend with a band saw cut it to fit, somewhat larger than the gap. The result feels great! (JCP also gave us the option of returning the bed to a local store, without disassembly or the original boxes. But, of course, we really wanted to keep the bed and make it work.)

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The Pottery Barn bed was sold out, which made our choice easy. We are glad to have the JCP version, which is just what we wanted.

However, after spending two hours assembling the bed, and another two hours assembling the six baskets, and considering we will spend more time purchasing and assembling plywood and ribbing for the platform connector, we can understand that some may choose to buy the pre-assembled version from PB. (We are quite handy and have all the hand and power tools, but perhaps others can assemble this bed faster. Please post your best time here! : ) )

BTW, we bought two of the JCP beds, so I guess we'll spend this holiday weekend making another bed.

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Does anybody have a SKU or model number for the JC Penny platform bed with the baskets under it. I looked in their current catalog and I could not find it.

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Guess what I discovered...using the phone still works! After all the web searches turned up less than stellar products, I thought I'd just start calling local furniture stores. 2nd call produced the below information. It's also available with just a regular headboard and in cherry, white, and black. Additional web searches will give you more pictures. I'm now in the hunt for the best price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vaughan-Bassett Lifestyle Collection

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Thanks to all for the leads on this thread. We considered the PB chestbed until we added up the total cost with the headboard and all the taxes and delivery charges (~$3,000). Wish JCPenney was still selling their bed...

We ordered a Cal. King from Maco Unfinished Furniture... but they went out of business before the bed shipped :(

Almost ordered from Gothic but then found a local furniture store that sold almost the same bed as Maco and Gothic. It was delivered yesterday and we love it!! (And I'm so glad we opted to pay the extra $20 to have their delivery guys assemble it.) It has 9 storage drawers (3 on one side, 6 on the other) made out of Cedar!!! I love the smell.

The only negative thing is that with our 13" mattress the bed is very high, but DH loves that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tradewins Storage bed

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I use a queen size waterbed without a water mattress. I use a nice pillowtop mattress in it. I have 2 rows of 3 drawers under each side for a total of 12 drawers and I have a bookcase headboard. At the foot of the mattress there is a space of several inches which I filled with a piece of foam I cut to fit. Love my bed!

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I second the suggestion for a waterbed frame. I recently changed from a waterbed to a conventional mattress, and didn't want to give up the huge amount of storage in my king sized Captain's waterbed. LOL, it's a great big bed in a little bitty room, but it is the BEDroom after all. I removed the wood mattress frame, and placed the new mattress right on the base. It looks fine, and we can even use the bookcase behind it. If you're on a budget, I bet you could check Craigslist for people selling waterbed frames, and then just use the drawers to make a platform bed.


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hi...try www.oysterbed.com...it's a furniture store in s.f. bay area...great prices, choice of wood used, stain or paint colors, and drawer size...i have purchased three of them, and love them...alexis, the owner is great to work with...the phone # is 415-643-0818...good luck!

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I'm trying to find the same: but in Honolulu. Seeking a queen bed with storage on the bottom. No one seems to have this - any pointers appreciated!

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There are a few websites listing furniture stores in your area. One found shows queen storage beds. These may be a special order and no prices are shown. Go to page 2 of link, they are in the middle of page.

Have you checked unfinished furniture stores? They usually have catalogs to order from if no floor models. It would require your finishing though.

My son lives in Hawaii, works at the U. I know your options are far less than the contiguous states, both prices and selection. Plus the lack of space with small houses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Queen storage bed

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I found one on craigslist of all places. I think I just typed in captain's bed into the search box until something came up.

Although I have to confess that after a year, I have yet to stick as much as a sock in the drawers. I'm kind of a minimalist person though and just throw things away or donate them when the closet gets close to full. :P

I do love the built in bookshelves in the headboard... that's something to look for if you're a reader. ;)

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Hello everyone.

We ordered our Stratton bed on May 29th, 2008. All 3 pieces were on backorder as others had mentioned but we did not want some junky bed from another store.

The Bed came in July, the headboard brackets in August. The headboard was broken by the delivery people the day before it was to be delivered!

Well I just got the new headboard today, and I really like this bed. I think there are few fit and finish issues that one would not expect with a bed that was over $3000 though. However every other bed would still have had the same issues more than likely.

I can not believe they make this in Vietnam. The delays in shipping and the price are absolutely ridiculous.

Not to mention I now have to fumble through putting this thing together by myself (everyone else is out of town and I want it done for my fiancee when she gets back) and this California King bed is HEAVY.

Sure would have been nice of Pottery Barn to give me INSTRUCTIONS for the headboard :(

I will be calling Monday to find out how much money they are giving us back for the month delay in the headboard (they already said they would).

I will post back about that.

Until then, can anyone explain how to use the brackets that connect the bed to the headboard? I mean I likely will have it figured out before anyone responds, but who knows, maybe not!

My opinion:

Features 10/10
Appearance 10/10
Fit & Finish 9/10
Wait Time 4/10 (absolutely absurd)
Price 7/10 (it really is about the best cali king storage bed there is)

Overall... 40/50

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Oh, one more thing.

Has anyone found any dressers (media center type or at least wide and not tall) that match the Stratton Bed?

Kinda funny they call it a collection but its only 2 beds... not like you would put both in a room.

Hopefully they make a Dresser for it SOON. (As we still need more space, this just eliminated 1 dresser) If only it was easy to just poof, add another closet :P

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Auntiebubba & verysleepy, can you answer some questions?

If you are over 50, how hard is it to get to the drawers at the bottom, especially yours verysleepy?

Auntiebubba, do you miss having toe space or ever bump into the drawers or knobs?

What kind of bed covering do you use with it, and do you tuck it in or let it hang over the edge?


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I have another 8 years before I hit 50 :) I usually find myself hanging over the edge of the bed opening up the drawers (yeah I'm lazy).

I tell ya, I don't ever bump into the drawers or knobs, but I kept getting these hellacious bruises on my leg and didn't know what from. I finally figured out that I was bumping into the footboard half asleep during my late night trips to the bathroom. You can barely see it in the photo, but the footboard is a couple of inches higher than the platform and sticks out an inch or so from the bed. Ouch!!!

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Here's a place that makes storage beds and will customize. We bought some furniture from them twenty years ago, and it's still in wonderful shape -- the drawers glide like silk. Expensive, but if you can afford it, go for it. This is the kind of furniture that can get handed down for generations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hardwood Artisans

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We have a Stratton bed from PB -- king size. We couldn't find any other options when we were searching about 2 years ago (too bad I didn't come across this post then).

We were loving the bed until yesterday when we lifted the mattress and discovered that there is mildew on the underside. It is right above the area between the boxes. I suspect this may be because the boxes are joined by a solid piece of wood and there is no way for air to circulate.

Anyone else have this problem? Our bedroom is on the first floor and we have dampness in the basement, so I am sure that doesn't help.

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My wife wanted a stratton bed from potterybarn so we got one. After four months we were falling to center of bed. Flip Tempur pedic up and found water on matteress. Yellow mold green mold pink and purple mold. Very ugly..What I can see is a void in center with no ventilation causing it to sweat. They also have 1/4 ply in center 3 11/2 foot squares. Has anyone had this issue with or without tempur pedic bed?

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Glad you posted your experience with the platform bed and condensation, Jason.....

I do not have the stratton bed, I have a queen storage bed from ROOM AND BOARD. I have a foam mattress from them too, but not a Tempurpedic. My bed has wooden slats above the drawers, beneath the mattress. I will check to see if there is condensation, but I think it is fairly well ventilated.

I can tell you from experience sleeping on boat mattresses, that it is not just a problem with the Stratton, that all mattresses sitting on solid surfaces and with cooler spaces beneath them, they will get wet. During my years working on boats, I found total wet mattresses many times, and sunning them on deck was only a temporary relief. If you have actual MOLD in your mattress, I'd say it would be a good idea to get rid of it. Getting rid of mold is tough.

Did the solid sheet of plywood ship with the Stratton bed?
I'm surprised it has no holes drilled in it, or that it did not ship with slats.

Very interesting question you've asked there too. I was thinking about putting a solid sheet of material beneath my mattress, but had hesitated due to my previous experience on boat bunk beds. So now I know it can happen even on land in a house.

I'm wondering if a hemmed piece of carpet or the bread delivery tray stuff would give it some room to aspirate?
As expensive as a Tempurpedic is, I'd hate to throw it out, but if it creates a health problem, what are the options?

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Thanks for the information from both of you. I have always thought one of those would be the solution for our tiny bedrooms.

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We have the solid foam mattress on the box spring of the old set. It was in perfect condition. I never thought to look under our mattress after we put it in. Guess I better do that. It is so heavy for me to lift. UGH. Gonna need help with this one.

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Shades, Marti, et al, if you think about windows sweating, they always will sweat on the WARM side. The same thing is true of mattresses if there is cold air beneath the solid surface and you warm it up with body heat or electric blanket.

Such condensation is not good for people with arthritis, I bet.

What I finally had to do with my bunk on the boat, was to put a layer of insulation in the open area beneath the board holding up my bunk. It created a dead air space which helped reduce the temperature difference between the hull and the interior of the boat. It did not help that the water tank for the boat was also beneath the crew quarters. And, we had NO INSULATION at all inside the boat.

I'm thinking that a high pile olefin (indoor/outdoor)carpet might help do some ventilation, or some of those bread delivery plastic boards, holes in them you know, to keep the bread from turning to muck before it is delivered. Or, you know the stuff they vent radiator covers with? It could go over the slats, but not strong enough by itself to hold up a mattress.

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Check out www.ana-white.com .. She lives in Alaska and blogs about building her own furniture. Then, people who read her blog submit pictures of their DIY knock-offs. I'm 26 years old, completely a newbie to building, and built the Stratton Queen Bed (inspired from pottery barn)

Check out the storage bed collection, here


Here is a link that might be useful: Ana White - Queen Storage Bed

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Wow, NancyO, that is most impressive.
I have my storage bed already, or would be trying it.
I bought the Hudson from Room And Board.

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I love her designs and wish I didn't have too much furniture now. I'm still going to make her bench one of these days.

I notice she says to get a pad for the condensation problem. I wonder if that helps?

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