hanging a grouping of 3 pictures

wigardenerwannabeJuly 18, 2010

Is there any general rules of thumb for hanging a group of same sized pictures horizontally on the wall? I'm wondering about the distance between the pictures. I'm floundering with this and can't seem to find anything from online searches that gives me the guidelines.... Would appreciate any input. wig

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Maybe the information at this link will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanging art

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It will depend on how big a wall is and the size of the picture. The one thing to remember is you always want more space on the ends (before the 1st picture and after the 3rd) than between the pictures. Usually you want the space between the pictures to be less than the pictures themselves if you want them to read as one piece (like a triptych). Put d-rings on them to hang - even the best framer can't get the wire the exact same tension on 3 works. With the d-rings it should involve a little less fiddling.

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I think it depends on a few factors: how big is artwork, size of room, are they framed photos or paintings, contemporary or traditional. Are they alone on a wall or over, say , a sofa.
I would take all these elements into consideration. Lean the objects on the wall to get a visual. Step back. Walk into the room from different directions, etc.
Posting the space & art would help.

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No more than the width of the frame. That's MY general rule of thumb!

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I am not sure as I think that these are busy, so not sure if that would warrant increased space between them or not. This first picture shows the space they are going with 3" between them:

And these are the photographs:

I'm open to your thoughts. Thanks. Jean

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I have a couple of thoughts. First, I think they are way too small for that space, and they are over-powered by the paneling.
But, if you are sure you want them there, maybe you can try a much more significant frame. And, play with the order of the prints, possibly the dark one in the middle? Or maybe the gold one in the middle. And more space between them (not as close as your mock-up).
The framed art you have above the sofa is sort-of what I mean.
I would lean towards one big piece or two mediums on that wall. If you like three, they should be bigger.

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I think because they are relatively saturated they will be ok if they are hung fairly close together as in the last photo (2-3 inches). I would drop the height a bit from what you show with the newspapers. They are on the smallish side for that spot but I think the color makes up for it.

I agree with changing their positions, with the yellowy one on the left shifting to the middle. It may get lost on the end compared to the purple and orange/black ones

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My gut told me that they were too small...even when I was impulsively purchasing them at the art fair. Blah! Do you think they would work better on this wall? And if so what configuration would you think best!

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The bottom one, but with the single on top so it doesn't look like it's toppling over.

And a bit further apart.

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I think I like them vertically, but maybe try only two of them, and hang the third in another spot.
But in the case of options 1 & 2, hanging them close together, as you have here, is OK. They are each too strong in color to be hung too closely.
Overall, however, I think they are too contemporary for your country setting, which is not a bad thing. I still feel that they should have diff. frames, maybe a mat that will unify them to each other and to your decor.

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Second wall choice, put two - one over the other towards the corner, put the third to the left of the two centered.

(in last photo - move bottom to exactly under the one on the right, drop the top left down)

BTW, I really like them!!

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Will they be kind of hidden back there?

I don't think any of the advice you have gotten is incorrect, but I hang things that are "too small", "too big", "too similar", "too dissimilar", "too contemporary" or "too traditional" in places all the time, and it has worked well enough that other people hire me to do it.

If those were three country prints they would be too small for the first wall but they are something completely different than that.

Now, I will get off my soapbox and go away.

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I didn't say they had to be country prints, I was saying that I thought they should be a little more cohesive, in my opinion. I also didn't say to change them, She has obviously taken efforts to establish a very pretty look and it has a country flair, And, with the contemporary light fixture, there is certainly a propensity for an eclectic mix.

I, too, am hired to hang artwork, although it is usually mine. I appreciate art in all forms.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Not to be difficult, but I like them hung horizontally to offset the vertical line of your cupboard.

I also think if you had all three mounted together in a larger frame with matting so that the piece has more presence, you could have them on the first wall.

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Thanks so much for all of your input. They are not framed pieces, but 'photo boxes', so I can't frame/mat them, although I can appreciate the benefits of doing so to pull them together. The first location I posted is the area that I had hoped they would work for. I may just put them up there and live with them for awhile to determine if they work there or should get moved to the other corner. Decorating is a lot about proportion...and I always seem to trip myself up there. Thanks for the assistance in trying to make that trip into a positive. wig

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i actually like the ones that are put vertical EXCEPT for the fact that the paneling make them look like TOO much vertical is going on. otherwise i REALLY DO LIKE THE 3 going horizontally It just gives some balance and fills that space nicely. Good luck. fun prints.

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