downeastwavesDecember 1, 2006

Hi Gang!

Just thinking about redoing some of our ceilings and we are wondering what folks have for ceilings in their smaller homes.

We have the same ceiling tiles in every room upstairs and down, all 4 rooms and the bath are the same. The tiles are 1 foot by 2 foot marked as 1 x 1's.

All our rooms have tall ceiling heights so we can just go over what we have.

I'd love to hear what you have on your ceilings.

And to hear what sort of problems you encountered with renovating or what materials went up easy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Eastport Cottage

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Popcorn ceilings on the entire main floor except for the bathroom (which is smooth-finished) and a suspended ceiling (1 x 2 tiles) in the basement. No plans to change any of it until I can't stand looking at old dirty popcorn ceilings anymore. :-)

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We have a combination of smooth skinned and textured plaster ceilings...original to house..early 40's. We plan to do the faux tin ceiling look in most of the rooms at a later date.

Be Safe, Rach

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Swirled ceilings here. Very popular in my neck of the woods. They need painting and I'm dreading it due to the texture. I also have tiny mold "dots" in the bathroom ceiling that are really nestled into the swirls. Scrubbing them should be fun.

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I hate our ceilings - 70's swirly plaster stuff. For some reason, the PO put a new ceiling in the DR - just put gyproc right over the old ceiling. It's smooth. *sigh* I love that ceiling.

I love the look of tongue'n'groove ceilings. It wouldn't look right in our house, but in the right house it really adds alot of charm.

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Virtually all our ceilings have sand paint (not popcorn) which I truly hate because it collects dirt something fierce and just cannot be dusted or washed effectively. (Vacuuming it doesn't accomplish squat.) The master bath has smooth ceilings and it looks sooooooo nice, I love it. To do all the other ceilings would require either sheetrocking over (as was done in the master, it was too much work to patch all the holes and skimcoat) or skimcoating and endless sanding - expensive and messy either way, so I am stuck with the nasty sand paint. We have a Cape so we might actually be able to pull off white-painted beadboard ceilings stylewise, but they are only 7.5' high. *wah* I love tin ceilings, or faux tin with wallpaper, in the right house.

Our previous house had beautifully done textured plaster ceilings, which was one of the few good things I could say for it. LOL It was like a very pretty version of a cross between knockdown plastering and the swirly stuff. It was a total nightmare to patch when we had a light fixture moved though!

Popcorn is evil. Drop ceilings are eviller. :-)

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We're going with a light orange peel textured dry wall. Tom

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All of my rooms have popcorn ceilings except for my bathrooms that have smooth ceilings.

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We have a 1913, 1700 sq ft bungalow with 9 ft ceilings. The house has almost all of it's original plaster. When we bought it about 14 years ago we went to work on the walls and ceilings. There was a mixture of that sand texture and smooth surfaces. We thoroughly patched every crack, skim coated with drywall mud, and sanded it smooth until I thought my skin would stay white like a geisha's and my hair would always be prematurely white! It was a ton of work and took several months because we both work outside the home. BUT.. it was totally worth it. The light reflects off those smooth ceilings beautifully and we would never go back to any kind of texture. After about 11 years we started some major remodeling (roof, upstairs, kitchen) and now we have cracks to fix again. We will do it the same way.
Cheers, -Kim

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LOL-- The people who lived here before didn't have the money to keep up the roof, and patched as they could. The first thing I did was have a nice metal roof put on the wings. As a result of the years of leaks and patchings, the ceilings and walls in my house have many faults. I don't care. It gives the house character. After all, this is a house that has evolved over 150 years, and has survived many things. I don't want the walls and ceilings to look like a new house.

Right now, my bedroom has lathe. Beats the water-damaged plaster that was falling down. Bedroom will get plasterboard over the lath, with skim coat to mimic original plaster. Dining room had both fallen down plaster AND fallen down 1960s fiber tile-- all gone now. I'm hoping to afford stamped tin ceiling for dining room. If not, I'll do the same thing there as in the bedroom. And then I'm going to paint a room size mural. (That's not as daunting as it sounds: the room is functional but tiny-- this is a Vermont Victorian.)

As for living room... the ceiling has also experienced water damage at various times over the years, and is obviously multi-patched. I am going to simply paint it a base coat and sponge it with several shades of the same color to mask the unevenness. Then I am simply going to enjoy the wonderful light that comes in all the east and south facing windows.

All this was going to get done this year. Alas. I am now two years late in my five year plan. I spend too much time in the woods having fun.

Dayle Ann

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