Christmas unfinished

mushcreekDecember 31, 2013

As a tongue-in-cheek response to phoggie's beautiful Christmas tour, I offer our Christmas in our unfinished home. We hosted 9 people (in the basement) for Thanksgiving, and had friends from church visit for Christmas brunch. It pays to have flexible, understanding friends and family!

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That made me smile Jay. I remember our first Christmas in our closed in family room. It didn't look quite as cozy as your room though. I love your mantle and stockings.

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

The wreath! Who thought of that! Love it. and the mantle, too. I could steal both of those ideas.

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They had a wreath like that at a local Home Depot. I already had some 4" elbows. I think it's actually kinda cool.

I used to build all of the sets for a local community theatre. Many plays called for a fireplace, and I had several of them, depending on the look we were going for. With a little fake brick, they can look pretty convincing. I always though it would be fun to have a faux mantel that you could just set up for Christmas, and put away after the holidays. Not all small homes have room for a real fireplace.

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Really fun and inventive Jay. Even made Joe smile and he is so anti Christmas. I loved the mantel. And look how far you have come in your house. You are amazing. Congratulations. Hoping 2014 brings you and your wife much happiness at your new house.

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Jay, thanks for the glimpse, love your sense of humor! What a nice big window in a walk-out basement. I wish we had a walk out, flat city lots don't lend themselves to them, though. Here is to a great year in the new home!

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