Ceramic Tiles Samples

MagnoliaMommyApril 13, 2005

My hubby was at work one day and found a box sitting next to the dumpster that had samples of ceramic tiles in it. The box is so heavy I can barely lift it even though it is a very small box. Most of the tiles are cobalt blue & white... which I love! The only problem is that most of the tiles are broken or cracked. I was thinking about using a hammer to break them all up and then glue them to a small table top to make a tile mosaic. What do you think? Can ya'll think of any other ideas that might be better than a table top?



PS I just found this forum and think it is GREAT!!!

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Well, I just the other day took some stained glass scraps and glued them to some of the concrete garden edgers, the kind that are slightly curved to use around a small flower garden bed which has my birdbath in it. Got the idea from the show "Crafters across America." I grouted one to see how it looked, but like them better just covered with the glass.

I bet it would work with the tiles, too.

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:) that's what broken tiles are FOR, lovey!

you are SO lucky... that's just the box of samples I've been looking for- I want to do the 'bar' between my kitchen and dining room in tile (training for doing the rest of the counters) and blues and greens are totally my colors (with counters the color of cooked shrimp, blues and greens are about all that work ;)

boxes and mirror frames also make good test mosaic pieces- as do serving trays.

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Cover clay flowerpots or stepping stones,or the bottom of a concrete birdbath.cover wall area behind stove.hope this helps to get you thinking.

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I would cover anything for the garden whether it be a flower pot or a milk can. You could even cover a sculpture of an animal ie: rabbit or frog. Experiment you'll have fun doing it.

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Thanks for all the great advice!

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