What do you think of these cabinets?

desertstephDecember 15, 2010

found these on our CL today. called and I think he said they were made of MDF. is that bad in a bathroom? I don't have little kids splashing around... tho, I'm probably bad enough at it!

he says the base cabs are each 24wide x 17 deep and 36 high. the tall one is 70 high x 17 deep and 24 wide.

36 high on base is really higher than I want tho...

AND I don't see much online at HD / lowe's in sinks that would fit with 17" depth (FRONT TO BACK). the smallest I think I found was 20.25 x 17.5.

I guess we could just put a piece of wood behind the cabinet to make it maybe 20" in depth?

I also don't think the tall cab could be in the bathroom - I think the width in that area is 66" and the total of the 3 would be 72" - but i could use it in the 'work' room.

and could be it'd take too much work to make those 2 work in my space? I'd have about another 15" of space to fill in but could maybe put trash bin/laundry bin there.

any opinions on it?

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom cabs

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They look perfectly fine to me and would work well in a bathroom. The price is right so I would go for it.

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Steph I think they look really nice. Can not tell from pictures. We looked at some MDF that were also white and were kind of plastic coated. I really liked them. They would not fit our kitchen so I had to pass. If these will fit I think they would be great. Price sure is right.

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You can find smaller sinks. I've had this challenge before. Here's a link to a sink that's only 12 1/4 inches deep. Just "googling" I found quite a few 13 inches and less deep. HTH -Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: St. Thomas Antigua Petite

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Did you get them? The ad is gone now. My dh doesn't want MDF in the base cabinets where there is water, but I really don't see why not. The prebuilt units both my parents and his parents bought from Sears - you know those cheap ones with the sink attached when you buy it - are MDF and they have been in their bathrooms for almost 40 years.

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I am with Mr Marti, no MDF in wet areas. My mom and sis's doublewide has MDF cabs and one broke where the hinges attach. Plus, unless you are certain that the DW was not involved in that plumbing fiasco 15 years back, water spraying everywhere could happen at any time. (I don't think yours is that old is it?) My mom had flooring and wall repairs done three times in a few years, then the insurance company canceled her. I had to get their home completely replumbed and my sis had to join AARP early in order to get insurance at all on that home. What a fiasco! Anyhow, her cabs looked pretty ratty before the leaks stopped. The trouble with MDF is that any unfinished edge (like the bottom) can absorb water like a sponge, swell, and get all crumbly. The surface is sometimes decent, but sometimes just a photo of wood grain with little finish to protect it. If you do go for MDF, look at it in person and see if it looks like it has swelled in the past, and make sure the finish is up to your standards.

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They said the photo has been removed, so I cannot look at them.

I was planning to do our kitchen with the IKEA cabs, and some of those are I think MDF. But DH has put the quietus on them, saying we need to go for wood.

However, if you can use these for a couple of years, they would make a good investment. Something which can be put off for later when you have so many projects underway is always nice.

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thx for the link kim - it will come in handy from what I've been seeing in sinks.

i didn't get them. I printed out a map to his house and when I pulled up the site again to get his phone # (in case I couldn't find him) it was gone. That was yesterday.

The day I saw the ad/called and posted here I started having problems with my left eye again. the white area was totally red and it felt grainy. also, if I raised my eyebrows, frowned, squinted etc it hurt. 3 or 4 yrs ago this happened and I think it was the retina detaching (I had to go to a retinal specialist). so I did tell him that if my eye got worse I'd be going to the doctor the next day instead of to see the cabs. I slept very late that day and was groggy for some time after waking up so I was late in getting ready to get out of here. I was hoping to be able to tell if my eye was getting better...or worse.

anyway, I missed it. I figure then it wasn't meant to be.

as of today the eye seems to be getting better. a little less red in the should be white area. most of the pain is gone and the grainy feeling is gone. It did scare me tho because before I couldn't see out of that eye for about 3 months. wasn't sure I'd get my sight back in it.

I have looked at some IKEA online but by the time I put together a few of their pieces (under sink plus drawer stack) it's way up higher than what I might pay on CL.

I'll keep looking in case something super shows up on CL - hopefully very close to me so I don't have to drive far.

I have a feeling MDF is what is in my baths now and the kitchen. the outsides remind me of ... maybe something like contact paper. I think it's pretty much what they put in most mfg homes unless you specify and pay more to get different. It's actually same as what was in my first home in Phx back in the 80's.

my mfg home is just about 15 yrs old. The guy dbf bought it from had it about 10 yrs I think - and I'm beginning to think he used it as an office not actual house. Then dbf has had it 3 or 4 yrs setting on some rural property he owns.

I should google that plumbing problem and see if I can determine if mine would be included.

One thing I have noticed already is that water coming out of those pipes looks a lot clearer than water coming out of these pipes (1973)! lol! I figured that'd be the case.

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