here is my birdbath made from GW and yard sales finds

huggybear_2008April 22, 2009

not sure why my pic from photobucket is acting up.. but I will try

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The link didn't work for me :(


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Hugs I e-mailed you back and it came back saying your mailbox is full.

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Huggybear needed to add some html. Here is the photo.

Very nice Huggybear!

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Lovely!!Love the fairy & butterflies!! Will look great in the garden!!Jan

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sorry about that Leveta, but my mailbox is always not sure why.. I have to go in and delete a bunch of stuff and I have been pretty busy and keep going to do it and I forget.. I have been bidding on a wedding dress that has a lot of pearls and beads on it with the hopes of takeing them off the dress and use them on other things.. there are a ton of them on the dress and so I have to watch the bidding so It does not get away from me.. then I just remembered that I have to help a girl I went to school with , with a vounteers luncheon.. so now I am in a pickle to as when I would be able to pick up the dress. LOl just to much going on in my life..Grandson's birthday, friends birthdays, Derby parties at my neices. Garden needs to have more veggies planted in it.. whew I need a twin.. I did bid on some yard lattice for my daughter to put in her yard and going to pick it up tonight.. my son in law is going to meet me .. Thank God.. not sure if I could have gotten that by myself..LOL she has such a pretty yard and I knew she wanted the lattice and it was on my on line auction but she thought it was too high.. so I went ahead and bought it for her. cause I knew she and her sweet hubby will use it wisely in their yard.. So it has become a busy spring for me.. but I love it.

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Thanks Lydia, for doing that for me.. I did not think I was using the right glue stuff, GEII is what I used, but seemed like it took long time to dry and stick..but it finally did and I think it will look nice in the flower garden next to my new yellow roses.. LOL We have so many birds in our area.. since we are down near the Ohio River and lot of trees and bushes.. My son and his friends just love to see and watch them.. lot of my seeds that I planted earlier are starting to pop thur the soil and my onions are about 5 inches tall now.. and the potatoes are popping thru the hills also.. now it is time for other things to go in the garden, need to till the area that I have not planted yet one more time.. and I am all set.. waiting for a little warmer weather for the tomatoes and peppers and sun flowers and beans.. like it when beans and potatoes come in at the same time.. LOl ham hocks and beans and new potatoes.. yummy

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Huggs that dress sound great...I think you need a twin also... Just wanted to say that I really liked your birdbath...The vines add to it even though they are from another pot...

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Leav here are some pics of the wedding dress beading and pearls My photobucket is acting up so you may have to copy and paste the addys below

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Your totem is very pretty. How tall is it? TFS

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VERY pretty totem. Glad the silicone finally cured!

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I am not sure how tall it is, I will measure it for you, however; the silicone did not finally cure, I put it outside and after a few days my son was going to cut the grass and I went to move it and it came apart between the two large vases in the middle of it.. so I am going to try the glass block grout to see if that works better..

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