Follow up to my builder Aristokraft cabinet debate

kathryn77May 23, 2013

So, I just came from the design center. We ended up not going with either the saddle or the rouge. Too light, and too red, respectively. No offense to anyone who has them, they just weren't to my taste.

We ended up with the Landen maple in Umber, with the Giallo granite. I hope I like it. I hate making that kind of decision. Right now I have it with the wheat hardwood, but I'm considering going a shade darker, it looks really light in the pictures. In the picture it is the darker cabinet on the right.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with my decision! I wish we could have taken more time with it, but the contract is pretty specific that we have to have it all decided in the 2 week period, which is up tomorrow.

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Oh, and the backsplash is a Rittenhouse glossy tile (subway tile? it looks like bricks) in Almond. I decided last minute I didn't want the ceramic.

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Holly- Kay

What a beautiful combo! I like this better than the saddle or the rouge. I like it with the lighter floor. You did a great job in choosing and I am so anxious to see it when it's done.

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I think it will look great!!!

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I think you made an excellent choice. Good luck with your new build. I hope you are enjoying the experience. Are you posting on the Building forum? I would love to see your updates. Our scheduled completion is June 18, 2013. It been almost a year long process. Some of the decisions were so long ago I can't even remember what I decided :)

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I hope I'll love it. I haven't joined the Building forum, I didn't even know there was one. But I will. I hope they'll be done in 6 months, but I'm really just guessing

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Oh, I love the umber that is going to be beautiful.

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Looks great. My neighbor has the same granite with similar color doors and it is a very nice combination. I think you should stick with the wheat color floor.
Good luck with the building process. I have gone through it twice and it is so much fun to watch everything come together. The only part that was I wouldn't want to do again is the landscapping. I would love to know how many rocks I picked and how many holes I dug for all the various plants, shrubs and trees that we planted

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