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jeadlakhaMay 24, 2013

I'm replacing the counter top in my kitchen, but not my cabinets. We have a trash compactor that doesn't work and we don't really need. Trying to decide the most cost effective option. Not sure I want to pay for a diagnostic visit to find out what's involved in repairing it. One general handyman suggested tearing it out and just using the space for a sliding trashcan. I don't know how I'd get a cabinet door to match as I don't know what our current cabinets are. They're old but in good shape so we're just painting them white. Suggestions for what to do about the trash compactor?

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Sophie Wheeler

They're expensive to replace, and they are kinda out of fashion with all of the recycling and composting happening today. I'd put in a slide out trash bin with no problems and just put a stainless or metal wrapped piece of MDF on the mechanism. Whatever matches your appliances. It will look like an appliance and be fine.

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What about a wine cooler in that spot?

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I wouldn't have it repaired - you could buy a new one for little more than the cost of a repair. If you don't want to replace it, just use it as-is as a non-compacting trash can.

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The cheap ones are around $600, so no, I wouldn't waste money repairing or replace. If you know the brand of cabients that you have, you might find a replacement door panel for them. Or if that's not possible, Do something with chalkboard paint, or magnetic paint for a bulletin board or magnet board.

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I have never been without a trash compactor my whole married life until we moved in our lake home 2 years ago. I really missed it.

It was actuality the first appliance I bought....accidentally. I was looking at major appliances and saw the clearance room. I found a Jenn-Aire compactor for $300.00. SOLD! The store had misplaced it a few years ago in their inventory. It was a 2008 model, but they said the warranty was still good. Just like a 2013 model warranty. Installed it the other day and it works great.

Use the compactor like a regular trash can. It won't cost you anything. But you could still turn it into a trash pull out or put in an ice maker. I doubt there is room for a beverage cooler. Compactors are around 17" wide like ice makers.

A good cabinet maker can make a door to match even if it is stained. (unless it is one of those white laminated cabinets from the 80s.) We just matched 17 year old stain for our new oak cabinets. It shouldn't cost much if you did want a new cabinet.

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I have always remembered the definition someone gave us when we were considered getting a trash compactor many years ago: It is an appliance that takes 20 lbs. of trash and turns it into 20 lbs. of trash!

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Sophie Wheeler

Yeah, except that instead of 4 easy to manage 5 lb bags of trash to be hauled to the bin, you now have an awkward single 20 lb bag of trash to haul to the bin---and hope the bag doesn't bust on the way.

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Lol...true, but our trash company charges us by the number of cans and bags we set out. One can is $18.00, then we pay extra next month for extra bags or extra trash cans we used.

I can load the one trash can up, tie it to my trailer hitch, drive up the hill rolling the trash can behind me, and leave it there. We live on lakefront property so the driveway is steep. When I come home, I reverse the process and try not to let the trashcan pass me going down the hill. ðÂÂÂ

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hmmmm, i remember having one of these growing up. I kind of think they are cool, although they are certainly out of fashion now.

I may just have to reconsider....

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My DM had one and we used it forever until it died. After that, it became a pull out trash can.

Since you are painting your cabinets, maybe, someone could make a cabinet for you with a matching door.

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After reading this thread, I dreamed last night that I had a baby blue trash compactor in my kitchen. #toomuchkitchenplanning #mustgetanotherhobby

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