aluminum flashing usage

myans-timeApril 15, 2009

I purchased some flashing for a craft project, that turned out to be not as easy as per instructions...but I only needed a small piece but store didn't sell it that way so now I have this large piece that I would like to use for another type craft. Does anyone have any ideas as to it's usage? No, I do not want to use it on my prefer to use it in a craft of some sort.


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I've used the aluminum flashing taken from the trash on home construction site to make pocket planters.
Cut a long strip fold the ends over each other so they hold onto each other (like folding 2 pieces of aluminum foil to make a larger sheet) press one of the open ends closed punch holes across the bottom thru both sides wire them together open up the upper end and round one side while flattening the back to hang against a wall, poke 2 holes into the flattened side make a wire loop for hanging. Fill with dirt and plant. you can also pattern the face by just hammering a design on the metal.

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You can cut out shapes and attach to a pole for a plant marker...such as a rabbit, sun, moon, star. You can cut a circle and then cut it in a spiral to hang up in a tree or from a patio beam. You can wrap some around a pot.

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coloredthumb is their anyway you could post pic's...

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I'm not sure if this is the same as aluminum flashing. I've seen the wavy tin that people used to use on tin roofs used in pictures. The person cut out wallpaper border and then applied it to a rectangle of tin and then added a wooden frame. It looked nice.

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There is a lot you can do I cut out flowers and pant themput a wire in it and use it in some tipsy pot we live where it is real hot.I ust suclant then the littl flower.I have seen big geugo I am talking 3 feet long.She panted them they are so neat.You can cut out butterflys the same way.The list gos on.Have fun.

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I've seen it used as a backsplash - great for magnetized spice containers!

Below is an idea for someone who has a lot. A very cool privacy fence!

Here is a link that might be useful: Privacy fence

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wow that is neat...

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Im sorry I don't have any pics of the wall planters since my old desk top died. I haven't got any more of them around to take a photo. They were gifts and donations to several charity events.
WOW awesome fence.

On another note
Aluminum is not magnetic. Tin flashing is but it rusts really fast so i really don't think it would make a good back splash. Stainless steel sheets have been used for the magnetic back splash. That stuff is expensive.

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