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sistersunnieApril 5, 2006

Yesterday got a call from a friend that has a nice furniture and accessories shop. She is discontinuing a line of furniture and asked if I wanted the fabric samples from the line. When I went to pick them up, there were hundreds! Pieces each about 12 X 12 and really nice. Some americana, some french country, plain, textured (suede, corduroy, ribbed, etc), and others really neat prints. Nice fabric, most water cleanable, not the foamed backed, rough kind.

Anyway it has my mind realing, I thinking small decorative pillows, padded picture frames, quilt, quilted rugs... I'm drawing a blank after that. Any ideas?

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Oh and they are all grommetted at the top. What ideas for the grommetted areas?

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very good find ,you will not regret taking it all
even if you don,t like the colors at first.
we also ended up with boxes of samples from a neighbor that was an upholster-er ? , we got lucky and ended up with all the brass tacks and various tools and cording and trim .
shoot some of that stuff is 100$a yd.
well you named most of the good ones, but I like odd ball and quilted anything so this is perfect for this , because of that grommet we folded a lot of them diagonally and made blocks like this then used the blocks for "a lot" of pillows we made pillows for gifts,
have you ever used starch to place fabric ona wall or wood I did this on my kitchen doors .
something this is ideal for is footstools they are easy to recover and you don,t need to many blocks to make the quilt top ,because so much of it close to the same look for a few samples then is just the oppisite .
are you a quilter?? my wife made a jacket from this material very durable.
lampshades are easy to make over.
I just asked my wife and remembered she made purses with these ,they were almost the right size so the look did not vary much and the material is as good as it gets for this application."tough".
we made my parents a king sized quilt with these by buying a single color and then using it for the other 1/2 of a diagonal it kept a look without looking to hodge podged.
tote bags???...
hope you get all of them if you don,t sew do not forget there is fabric glue and iron on hem tape that is better than stitches. Rick

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A few years ago I got samples similar to what you've described. I made sleeping pads for pets, floor pillows for the kids, and table runners besides some of the items previously suggested.

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Take a few that work together and make valances? I have seen a few done with cloth napkins and placemats and it should work!

I use placemats on tables and things to "soften" up the look.

Or you could use them for placemats, of course!

Years ago my ex-step father had a bunch of samples and things from his business and he gave them to me. They were tiny, though...like 4X6's and they were trimmed around the sides with crimping sheers. I used them for rugs in my doll house! LOL I should have known then that I would be into salvaging things and finding new uses!

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We also thought of carpet bags, fold over clutch type bags, hanging pocket bags for the wall. Using the grommetted parts they would make great, sturdy and very unique gift bags with a drawstring.....

Still jotting down ideas. I do sew and do some basic upolstery. Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

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You can find free patterns on the web for purses also. I've made several with this type of upolstery fabric, and added fringe along the bottom of some of them. They are very cute and Ive even sold a few. If the fabric isn't large enough for the pattern you want to use, just cut the fabric up and make a larger piece/pieces in a crazy quilt fashion. Some of my purses were done this way also.
Real nice score, BTW!


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What about hot pads for the kitchen, use the grommet end to hang up by. Like Liz suggested, cut in various pieces, sizes and put together you rown fabric then make whatever you want, purses would be great out of crazy fabric. I would try and use like colors tho and you have probably already thought of that. Good luck and post some pics of the things you make.

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A few years ago, I was given several huge boxes of fabric samples, some of which sold for well over $100 a yard. I had a bunch of plaid wool squares in different colors that I made a throw with. I've found many uses for them, most of which have already been listed here. I'll be watching this for more ideas!

I believe the woman I got them from used some of them for geese clothes and lampshades.

How about those cinnamon scented coasters for coffe mugs.

Lavender filled pillows.


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How about:
wall hanging?
cover a bulletin board?
cover a headboard?
a table runner?
a remote holder?

You are one lucky gal!

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