cool find at the community yard sale....

mojojojogrlnjApril 22, 2007

I found an old mosaiced slate table top( free )....this thing weighs a ton...I was going to look for wrought iron legs to add to it since wood wouldnt hold it....anyway at the last yard sale i went to yesterday this guy had an old foot pedal sewing machine hit me what a perfect base for my slate table....and for 2 dollars...cant pass that up ....I cant wait to see if my idea works with this table top....I think it will look neat out on the deck as a to find chairs that will work with it....any ideas?

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oh wow that sounds awesome!

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Sounds like a fantastic find Mojo, can't wait to see the pics. Are you perplexed as to whether you can use just any ole' type of outdoor chair or are you looking for something specific?


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How about wrought iron Victorian-ish outdoor chairs, sort of like from a bistro set? Painted in the same colors as the legs of the sewing machine, I think that would be nice and feel fairly cohesive.


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