Trashy Trash or Fixed Up Trash?

des_arc_ya_yaApril 1, 2005

Which would you rather have? I have a flea market/antique mall booth and I have several "possibles". Would you rather give a LOT less and take it home and do something with it yourself (I usually show photos or give ideas of what might be done with it) or would you rather give a little more and have it already turned into something else?

Just wondering which would be better.

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Some of both is good !:) , not everyone is talented in "seeing" what something can be when finished, then, the ones that are- would rather get the bargain and make their own .... whatever from the original piece - bet that answered your question didn't it ?? hehe, I myself would rather make something from something unexpected. then again, Ideas are sooo good too.I like your idea of showing possibilities of what something may become.
so it really sounds like you have both aspects covered !!

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It just depends on how crafty the people in that area are. Where I am there are a lot of crafty folks, and
they like to 'do their own'. But some of THEM don't have any imagination....
Good thing to show photos!

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I'd like it both ways, Ya Ya. Sometimes your vision of what it could be, and my vision, will be different. But sometimes I just don't have a vision.

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Thanks - probably will put several things "as is" in my booth along with some of my ideas that I had planned on using! Best laid plans, ya know.... LOL

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Cover all your bases ! Have a little of both - and maybe some pictures of past projects will help,too. I wish I could visit your booth ... I'd need a U-Haul ! LOL

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marilyn_c depends. I don't like things that are "too cute" and prefer things that are a little more on the primitive side. I have a garden urn made out of an old milk can tho, and I think it is really neat...more than if it had just been a painted milk can with dried flowers stuck in it or something.

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LOL Thanks for the compliment, Toomuchglass. I gotta admit though, I have such strange taste that I have a lot of STUFF in my booth that just hasn't gone anywhere! LOL

Friend of mine has pretty (read prissy) stuff in her booth and all her pretty plates, old hats, books, etc. sell very well. I have old wooden crates and a black panther tv lamp with a fake fur black and white shade on it, etc. Also have lots of old red kitchen things - napkin holders and silverware trays, etc.

Have had two or three old wooden windows with glass in them in the booth for months. About ready to bring home my "precious collectibles"! LOL

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YaYa, you just haven't had the "right" junkers come into your booth. I vote with everyone else, a mix of both finished projects and make your own would be good. I'd go for the wooden crates and windows in a NewYork minute. Alice

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I'd rather pay a LOT less, as you put it, for something I can fix up myself..

for instance, I'd rather pay, say, $8, for an old chandelier, then take it home, paint it myself, add my own crystals, etc. INSTEAD of paying $25 for one that's already 'prettied' up....

some of the things I look for a lot are: iron/metal
doo-dads, crates, windows, glass ware, vases, cups, saucers, little animal statues, baskets, wicker anything, small tables, table legs, old spindles, candleworks, old chandeliers, candleabras, votives, lanterns, plates, anything made out of clear and colored glass, old jewelry, beads, costume jewelry, gaudy earrings, mardi gras beads, anything miniature (for fairy houses/gardens), etc. etc.

you get the idea... :) some of this I find at garage sales, but a lot of it I find at thrift/junk shops... I'll usually go with about $20 and end up leaving with the back of my SUV filled with stuff....

hope this was helpful... from the sound of things, I'd love to shop at your booth!!! *lol*

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Marcia Thornley

Gosh, I wish you were close by. I'd snag those old windows. I've been looking for some for ages. I want one to display some photos in. I'd rather buy things as is and then fix them myself. But it's great to hear and see other ideas.

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Ya Ya--What do you know about the people that go to this particular event? I wonder if there might be a situation where at Fair A, the shoppers typically want a cute finished product, but at Fair B, the shoppers are really hunting for cheap finds to turn into their own creations. ?????? As for myself, I never buy anything if I look at it and think "I could do that."

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Adnama, I've always done the same thing, but lately I've started adding, "But WOULD I?" (That's if I REALLY want something! LOL)

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I prefer also to pick up cheap or free and do my own work. MOST people here just dont get it about junk. i L;OVE IT . KEEP ON A KEEPEN ON. . . JUST GET ER DONE.

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I have this weird idea. If I see something handmade by another person, I won't buy it. I figure it looks easy to do, I would rather try to make it myself. Problem is, I never get started. So going to craft shows first inspires me, then it frustrates me. I would be better off if I'd just buy the danged thing.

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