question regarding outdoor bird feeders

toomuchglassApril 2, 2005

I've been meaning to ask this for so long and kept forgetting - now that spring has sprung ( well - sorta )

I want to make some birdfeeders. All mine will be out in the open --- so how do you make drain holes in the bottom so the seed won't float away from the rain ? Just drill small holes? -- Won't the seed clog the holes up ? -- Or fall out the holes ? I'm good at the designing part - it's those 'technical details' that boggle my mind ! LOL

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Toomuchglass, you could use screen or hardware cloth (or a coombination of both) as the bottom of the birdfeeders. Or you could cover them with thin planking or tin. We have ours in the open, but we use planking over the top which also helps protect the birds as they are eating from the predatory birds. Hope this helps. Alice

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Is that what people do ? I never seem to see it in the pictures. It's a great idea though !!!!!

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I use any thing with holes - baskets , screen , a Frisbie with holes drilled into it , even a sieve from the kitchen . I have one feeder hanging under an awning on fishing line and it's the first time I have seen the squirrels puzzled . They still haven't figured out how to get to the floating sunflower seeds !

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It is imperative that bird seed does not get can spoil and grow mold, which can make a bird sick..or even kill it.

All my feeders have roofs and plexiglass sides. I'm sure that you could still keep your feeders "creative" and add a roof of some sort.

Good luck!

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