Look what I did with some of the old windows...

trailrunnerbikerApril 9, 2007

I had posted here a while back looking for ideas. I finally got around to using 4 of them...you can't see the one to the far right. It has worked out great and I am now trying to find more stuff to fill out the arrangement. I got the planters at Big Lots for $9 ea.

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Trailrunner, that wall looks AWESOME! The windows are PERFECT with the flower boxes.


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Thank you Sal. And yes robo if you would like to do that it would be great. They have the glass in them. I can take more or different photos for you or anyone that is interested. I have 16 more windows !! Caroline

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Lovely-- and the blue really highlights them nicely.

Makes ya want to go for a dip-- (Oh wait, it's in the 30s here!... :-) )


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That is great!I am at awe with all the talent here on this forum.I think You folks might be able to help me get rid of my fears and start putting my thoughts out.
Teach and guide me wise ones.Micki

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Hi, Robolady,
I checked out the window site and was pleased to see my two window ideas posted below Trailrunner's. Small correction: my name is Dianne, not Julie.
Thanks, dian57

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OHHHH,verrrry nice,great idea with the window boxes :)

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trailrunner, your pictures did not show up for me. I am interested in seeing your windows. Could you post a link for them? Thanks

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I can't see them either ...... after all these compliments - I'm dyin' here !!

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