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melle_sactoDecember 28, 2010

Hi I haven't been around much. Been working on adding second pantry to the kitchen and my other project of turning the hallway into a message center/to-do-list keeper LOL!

My DH has also embarked on a bathroom remodel (woo hoo!) so between the projects and the kids, not much forum-time. Looks like there are a lot of new, interesting posts here in Smaller Homes, too, so I hope I can catch up this week!

For now...I was wondering how long the Kitchens and Bathrooms forums have been messed up, does anyone know? With the bathroom remodel underway, I was really hoping to read the stuff on Bathrooms.


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There are actually separate forums now -- one for kitchens and one for baths. Maybe you have an old saved link to the old combined forum? Because the new ones are working fine.

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For some reason the pages wouldn't load the last couple days, all I saw was ads but no posts.

Today, however, they are running normally so I don't know what was going on and I became impatient. Thanks!

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