Safety, please

flowermumApril 29, 2010

I debated writing this but I decided if it would help just one person then it's worth it.

I looooove treasure hunting, with a passion! A few days ago (around 9:00 a.m.) I was out driving around, hunting, when I spied some treasure. This was an area that I pass frequently and heavily traveled, but also an area that would be considered not the safest.

The treasure was on an adjacent street but not as heavily traveled and although I didn't see the neighbors, I was aware that there were people still at home. So I felt semi-safe hopping out quickly and getting the goods.

Anyway, to get on with my point, I am always conscious of my surroundings, so I thought I would pull up and get what I wanted and leave. However, there was an old wooden fence panel beneath piles of heavy carpet. So there I was straining and tugging and pulling trying to get to the fence panel. I didn't want the fence panel but I did want the iron hinge attached to it. So I thought if I could just get the panel free of the carpets then I'd be able to get to the hinge.

Well anyway, you know that voice that we all get that we most often times don't listen to? Well, the first thought that came to me was, "I've been here too long."

Reason being: the length of time I was there tugging at the panel wasn't very long but it was long enough in case someone wanted to do something, whatever that something was, I don't know, but I felt in my knower that it wasn't good and that I really should leave.

After a couple of minutes, I turned and noticed a man walking in the middle of the road towards me. It was a very long road and thankfully he was a good walking distance from me. After I saw him I immediately got back into my car and quickly drove away.

He could have been someone wanting to help but I truly don't believe so. I knew he was coming for me because as I was driving away, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw he had turned around and was walking away.

I immediately thanked GOD for getting me out of that one because I probably would have been another statistic.

I apologize for being long winded but I wanted to share my story to pass along what we all know...listen to that voice, it's trying to keep us from danger and save our lives.

What I learned...Irregardless of the neighborhood, be very very careful, please.

Blessings and

Happy Treasure Hunting!

: )

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Glad you got out of there. It is a danger because sometimes an owner of junk could fly-off the handle too. My dad found great stuff out here for years & I knew a man that found so much stuff that he gave it to a school & they had sales & it supported some of their programs. But that was long ago, now some people have a very bad temper & things could get ugly fast. He may have wanted to rob you, help you, steal your car, etc. Someone came in parking lot as I was leaving, a few summers ago, they were on my side of driveway, I thought that was crazy so just sat there a second thinking they would get in their own lane, they didn't, started screaming & yelling & man got out & had his fist doubled up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had patiently waited for them to move over into their lane, well that fist got me in reverse & shooting across that parking lot in a hurry, I went out on main road & turned off onto a side street & went in area with lot of people & sat for a few minutes before I went home. Some people are nuts. You need a screw driver, pliers, hammer in your trunk so you could pry the parts off gate & go!!LOL Jan

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I'm so glad you wrote this. I've always felt funny if I stop & dig through someone's trash . If it was a "Good neighborhood" ... I wouldn't worry . But - an "iffy" place ... like you - I'm outta there !

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You know , I was never afraid to go anywhere. I always thought I could SEE DANGER COMING . After reading your post - it shocked me into thinking that danger cold lurk anywhere - by the time you see it - it could be too late.

Thank you for the wake up call .

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I like to think that the man turned around because he sensed your fear and since you were leaving, he couldn't help you. However, women have to be diligent about their safety, and you certainly did the right thing. I see young women out jogging at night by themselves or on a walking trail in an unpopulated place, and I just shudder. We cannot afford to put ourselves in a vulnerable position.

Once when I was about 30, I got in the elevator to see a client on the penthouse floor. After the elevator started up, at some higher floor a man got on. I did the stair at the ceiling thing. He said "How does it feel to be alone in an elevator with a black man?" And he gave me a big smile. I felt like a jerk, but he made me laugh. I feel bad that, as a woman, I have to be suspicious of every man when I am alone.

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