Prep Sink Dilema

JoyzKitchenMay 17, 2013

I have a relatively small space for my prep sink. The cabinet is 21" wide but only 16" deep. It backs up to my mixer cabinet. There are limited options available. Do you think my main sink and prep sink should be from the same manufacturer? The rep at the plumbing company suggested the Franke GDX 11031 for my main sink and the GDX 11021 for my prep sink. To make it work we would need to install the prep sink sideways which would mean the drain is off center to the left and the emblem inside would be on the left. Do you think that would look strange? Also, what depth do you suggest for a prep sink. A few of the options that I have seen are 7" deep. Is that too shallow? Will I get a lot of splashing from the faucet? I am considering the Grohe Minta arched faucet with touch technology. Thank you for your help. I am going crazy searching for sinks online.

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I see no reason to use the same manufacturer. I would concentrate, especially in your situation, on finding the "right" sink for your small cabinet.

That having been said, I doubt anyone would look askance at the drain or emblem being on the left!

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In case it would make a difference, although specs may say to mount a sink wholly within the negative space within a cabinet, many people wanting a larger sink mount with the flange overlapping the sides of the box or even 2 or 3 boxes, with the tops of the boxes shaved down a bit to make room. Sometimes even a side or two to make a bit extra room for the bowl.

As for looking odd, probably not, and so what? Sinks are mounted sideways now and then, especially in commercial kitchens.

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