What to do with a 2ft tall wine bottle?

groomingalApril 6, 2007

So my husband brings me this large wine bottle from a wine tasting at his work. It is a little over 2 feet tall and the opening is fairly small.

I was going to be so creative as to make it a coin jar :) but coins won't fit in the opening. It is also a pretty heavy bottle.

Does anyone have a creative use for it?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Groomingal, at the top right of the page, do a search for "memory jugs" - in the posts that come up, look for the one that is entitled "Big Brown Jug" and in here, posed by "Slowmedown" she posted a site about making Memory Jugs. It's gluing "memories" pics, small pieces, etc. onto a jug. And a recent post showed wine bottles placed upside down on a board to be hung-the bottles had the bottoms cut off and they were made into flower planters. Another idea, in the Craft & Decoration forum, look for "wine bottles with string lights in them" - they are beautiful. Here is a pic of mine, using an antique bottle with a bubble in it, inside which I have placed a birdsnest with two small birds on it.



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I used to know a man who used really tall wine bottles, he turned them into standing lamps with a wire base. He drilled thru the bottom, set the wire and used a rubber plug for the cord at the bottom. I know he used to say how slow it was to drill through one. My idea is like the post from Sal, splip some lights into it, and add poupouri, on top of the poupouri, add some tall dried flowers. The lights make the poupouri release the scent. Whatever you do, let us know.

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Now THAT's a wine bottle !!!!!!!!!!! LOL I would just decorate it up with a grape theme. If you could paint those one stroke roses - it would look awesome painted!
The possibilities are endless !

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I have a huge one too....and it's still got wine in it!
It's just so cool I can't bring myself to drink it. It's only a 1994, so I keep it displayed for now.

I love your idea's for the day I break down and drink this sucker!


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Hazie- this was an 82' bottle used for a charity wine tasting.

I appreciate everyones ideas they are great.

Craftlady-your craft bottle is so cute!

I'm kind of leary about having to drill or cut on the bottle, for one I have never done it but the glass is super thick. I also don't have anything going with a grape or wine theme so it kinda looks silly sitting in my floor.

So here is what I came up with tell me what you guys think-
I'm going to get photos from the family (old and new) and copy them to black and white and decoupage my bottle, maybe add some embellishments? It's kind of like the memory jugs, but a little more personal with the pictures.

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I Know it would be hard to cut - don't do that ! I LIKE your idea of taking pics and decoupaging the bottle . I think it would be a piece of art. You could always decopauge a saying within the pics - something like "Age makes it better" .. I think you are on to something .
It sure could be a unique album ! What a great idea !

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I linked to it below. I also decorated a tall one like this and put fake flowers in the top and use it as a vase. The hard part is finding big fake flowers with small stems.

Here is a link that might be useful: bottle link

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Actually something like cat tails might look nice, where there are very thin stalks and fluffier plumes.

That is one big wine bottle. I pity the person who had to try to get that baby open! :-)


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I love that bottle ...now I think :) you should send it my way for long term study of the issue.:) No really I like your idea of deco. I would use seasonal colors and change it every so often. As well as the long tall branches or cattails and such. Good thing about glass is if ya get tired of one thing just soak and peal it clean and start all over. That is if you don't cut or break or drill it. Although I like the lamp idea, as that could still change seasonaly.....

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