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mrs.mickiApril 10, 2007

Thank you all very much for all the help and input on the desk I found. My Dh is afraid now that this is the beginning of something that is going to get out of hand LOL.

I have people looking for different things for me.

We are going to start redoing the bathroom-so I have asked my family and friends to look for a 3ft. wooden ladder-to make a towel rack out of.

Also want cast iron pieces.My boss was throwing the park bench out that use to sit in front of store,so I asked him if I could take the pieces I wanted-he said go for it.So I got the back piece that is a scroll design and am going to use it for a trellis for my vines.It stands about 3ft.tall and is really pretty.The arms(where the slats would sit and it basically holds the rest together are going to be sodder(Sp?) together to make a corner decoration for our property line.I am so excited about these things.I have had to put off the redo of the desk until we get the room cleaned out and organized,but you all have given me such confidience that I am finding it hard to wait.So once again Thank You,Micki

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That's what this forum is all about Micki, friends helping friends, don't you just love it! Can't wait to see your finished projets. We want pics, pics, pics!


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