Just a heads up.....

believerApril 7, 2009

I hate it when someone that has been posting just drops off of the face of the earth. I don't want that to happen here so I'm letting it be known that I have written a letter requesting that Garden Web cancel my membership.

Many of you have been very kind to me on this forum and I thank you for that. I pray that all of you and your families do well and are continually blessed. It has be fun.

I'm not writing this for attention...I just remember the "Where is Medusa" question and didn't want any concerns in my direction. I'm not suicidal, depressed yes but otherwise doing well. I just feel that another forum has taken up to much of my time that could be better spent doing other things and I am addicted!.....so I have to quit cold turkey.

The kids are well...DD20 graduated from college this week. DS16 is healing from mono and we have moved him downstairs. He is asking to talk to a counselor because of saddness and fear of growing up....I know he will be fine. SD11 is doing well.....DH is still working OT and not happy about it. His health suffers but hopefully that will level off.

When I get this other site out of my system I may return as someone else.LOL

Blessings to you all...Kim

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Good luck to you and yours Believer --
And congratulations to your DD. I know things haven't been easy for her lately, so extra credit to her for hanging in there!

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Best of luck to you, Believer. I remember you were very kind in your words right after my Dad died and I posted about it... thank you again for that. And even though on the surface you and I (openly very religious-Christian and openly agnostic-Jewish, respectively) have some differences in beliefs, I must say that I found your posts on the whole very wise and empathetic and agreed with you more often than not.

Take care-


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Be well, Believer. Hope to hear from you again . . .

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Take care, blessings on you and yours.

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Take care ....

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maybe we'll see around again one day. :) take care

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Take care Believer, hope to see you around :-)

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Happy trails lady:)

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Good luck, come back if you ever need to chat.

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